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I have started doing product reviews, so far the only ones I have done have been for social blogs or for companies that have contacted me.  How do you find more products to review?  

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Email, email, email. If you see products on other mom sites try that company. If they got a review, you may be able to as well. And the more stuff you already have that you review the more content you have the more people will want you to review their stuff. Hope this helps!!
By posting the question here! I'll pm you.
Simple. And, PLEASE trust me, I have NEVAR seen the insides of that ramped reviews ebook. And, even I don't quite understand HOW EXACTLY I had unravelled the secret to getting free stuff to review, it just happened sometime last year and it "came" together. I just seem to have read a few blogs with people mentioning that they had gotten free stuff. I was so blessed amazed at these people! I didn't, at the time, know HOW I would actually accomplish getting free stuff, as I was just a TINY LITTLE upstart. Virtually no readers at the time either, being in the recession, and, retrospectively, all odds must have been against me. I mean how many strikes against me WERE there?? I mean, come ON! I started into this in October, after I had asked for a book or two before.The first thing I got were those retro glass bubbly X-mas lights from a Christmas online shop.And that was last October-RECESSION time! Being in a serious recession and being a tiny 0-reader upstart and just BARELY seeded my blog with mainly WEBSITE reviews. Like, HOW MANY STRIKES WERE AGAINST ME THERE? Seems like I had lots to "lose" at the time. Not financially, but "kilobytes" of email with a reject response.

I did get the lights and for free to boot! I mean, what WERE the odds? I mean, I couldn't believe that they actually LISTENED to me and my no-readers-of-yet blog! My blog was a NEWBORN INFANT! I really thought that "Surely they wouldn't listen to a NEWBORN blog!" Another bad strike against me: I hadn't even perfected the pr request letter template that I currently now use. I mean, like really, what WERE the odds for me, like ,nowwww........

What I do is email as many companies that I can come across. I google web directories lists and go to the results that have thousands of web directories and go through the shopping, so far, of these sites and contact stores and PR contacts.



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