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Let’s be honest, times are hard, many are limited on time and money. Mommies Café has developed a website where moms can come together to not only get support but give support, all for free. How many times do we get caught in the trap of self promoting and forget to stop to help someone else because we so desperately need/want to grow? Wouldn’t it be nice to take 20 minutes to promote yourself and have the rest of your hour to truly support someone else? As an attempt to help save time and money we are asking moms, “What is your expertise?”. We are asking our readers to write (original) articles about what they know and include a bio at the end. We will promote your articles on our website, twitter, facebook and other social media networks. Moms will be strongly encouraged to leave comments and to visit your website if they find your information helpful. This gives you free advertising and helps support other moms by expanding their knowledge. Sounds like a win-win to us. If you think so too, take the time to visit us at and if you would like to submit an article please email admin(@)

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