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I'm not new to blogging by any means, yet I am. I've been blogging on myspace & livejournal for YEARS before I ever discovered this side of blogging. I'm totally new to using wordpress, it confuses me so my friend who hosts my blog does all of the tech work for me, lol

I'd really like to branch out more from just my "personal blogging" & start writing about recipes I've tried complete with pics, give dog training tips, talk about new websites i've found, rate new video games I've played or movies I've watched, and I'd also really love to get into doing giveaways & doing product testing.

How many of you do product reviews? How did you get into it? What's the best way for me to get into it?

If you don't do product reviews but simply just giveaways how does that work exactly? Do you find random companies & approach them about doing the giveaway? Do you get any kind of compensation for doing so?

And I guess any advice you ladies could give would be awesome!

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I do product reviews. I got in to blogging from a personal standpoint, then when I became a SAHM, I thought that I could get in to marketing/reviews/advertising, and this is what I do. If I see a product, locally or online, that I think would be neat, I search for a contact, email them, usually talk to the company on the phone and I do reviews. Some have giveaways. I do a lot of giveaways. I started out with random companies that I had purchased from in the past and now, they are my biggest company that I do reviews for. They like my honest reviews, it helps them create better products and we formed a partnership with each other. I do not get paid for my reviews; the product, if you want to say .. is my payment. With as large as the internet is, the market for ads online is pricey, so companies can send out product in trade for links and your review online.

I am on a few mom testing panels for kids' products as well.

You can see my site here:
I'm just starting to do reviews, so we'll see how it goes!!! *fingers crossed*

Good luck to you!

Hi Jessica,

I started reviewing products that I already used and posted them on my blog Hip Mama's Place. Then I started researching on products that are really neat, family-friendly and that I know moms/parents can really use. So what I did at first was look for PR or media contacts of a site/product, then emailed them to see if they are interested in a product review. At first, I got declined when the site was new. Most of the advertisers look for a site's Google page rank and number of readers. But I kept on and after only a few months working on more posts and giveaways, I had a good following of readers, the blog achieved a Google page rank and now I got more product review requests than I can handle. It's been two and a half years since I started Hip Mama's Place but I am still enjoying doing it. :D

Anyway, good luck to you! You can check out my blog at:
I have the perfect source for you. I have started a series of posts called: "So You Want To Do Reviews" that gives information on how to get started in giveaway/reviews. I'm about to do Part 4 soon.
Part I
Part IIPart III
Hope that helps!



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