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What do you prefer: going to the gym or exercising outdoors?

Some people love being able to go to the gym while others love exercising outside. What do you prefer?

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Going outside. No question. Walking outside feels great and makes me feel energized. 

I enjoy the gym, having other people around me, knowing that we are all in there to slay that elliptical! I go outside if I am hiking or walking as my daughter rides her bike. 

I love walking--preferably outdoors...with trees and people having picnics and what not. It prevents the boredom that can often accompany exercise for me. But will work out to a low impact exercise video if I'm unable to get outside. ☺

No doubt, exercising outdoor is a great experience, especially if you are doing workouts in parks but it also depends on the weather. Though I love to exercise outdoor, but it becomes difficult to exercise outdoor in raining and snowy days. Even in these lockdown days, it was challenging to exercise outdoor. Yes, in this quarantine days, I did all of my workouts at home with my kids, but honestly, for regular workouts, gyms are the best. 

As things are getting normalize now, that's why I am thinking to join the gym again, and hopefully, this article would assist me to workout safely at the gym. I am also sharing a few tips with you if you are also joining gyms after this pandemic:

First of all, don't forget to bring your own hand sanitizer with you. Probably, many of you would say gyms already offer sanitizers, but it is the best approach to bring your own to avoid contamination of virus.

Secondly, it is also important to wash your hands before entering the gym and when you are about to leave the gym. Moreover, you should also wash your hands or even take a bath when you come home after a gym session.

Don't forget to wear a mask in the changing room. Some people also recommend wearing masks while doing the workout at the gym, but I am not sure its pros and cons when you are already doing social distancing. You can share your thoughts on this matter.

At last, I would like to add either you are doing exercise in the gym or outdoors don't forget to follow the rule of social distancing. I think it is the best remedy that we have to follow to stay away from this disease. 


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