Has anyone noticed they have lots of blog traffic but no comments?

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about comments.... What does it mean when people "come" to my site but just don't bother to leave a comment? help help help... Does anyone else have this problem?



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I have noticed a trend...people pop in and out. It has to be something emotionally 'compelling' to provoke a stop. Plus at times there is so much 'red tape' to leaving a comment it can be a dreaded experience. I noticed on blogfrog the tendency to comment is higher. I also think that a lot of blogs aren't interactive, it's one person posting a topic and then it is stagnant. The blogs my husband frequents however may have 100's of comments. One comments, the poster responds and off it goes. Not implying that is how you run your blog but often I comment back and people are shocked :)-
I have the same issue. I get a little over 100 hits a day, but only 2-3 comments, sometimes a few more. But, the really good posts that I'm most proud of get the most comments. It's the content that drives the conversation.

I'm new to blogging but one of the things I've read and learned it to be engaging. I periodically will have a give away and encourage other bloggers to do the same. I love having guest posts and author interviews to give the reader valuable information. It takes time for visitors to leave comments. Some of us are just a little shy.

The Neophyte Writer ( Kristi's Book Nook (

My site averages between 400-1000 hits a day, yet I "might" get a comment here or there. I just try not to worry about it. They keep coming to my site for the info and that is what matters. I do comment back often, but I post deals. People read my site for the deals, not really interaction. 

I even write posts with leading questions, encouraging comments. Sometimes I get them, but more often I do not.

Part of the reason I don't comment on a lot of blogs is because I'm just plain shy when it comes to interacting with others. I'm trying to get out there more though, interact with more people (hence my signing up here).
Nicole, Blog commenting or joining forums is a great way to help you with that. Seriously it's practically anonymous!

Nicole Etolen said:
Part of the reason I don't comment on a lot of blogs is because I'm just plain shy when it comes to interacting with others. I'm trying to get out there more though, interact with more people (hence my signing up here).
Oh my gosh, I want 1000 hits a day! That's awesome Kristen, way to go! I find questions help, commenting on other blogs does too. I tweet a lot which I find generates a bit of discussion. Ultimately though, I've realized that blogging is fun and I'm enjoying myself whether I have 0 comments or 100 (although, secretly 100 would be nice, hee hee). Good luck!

Um, yeah, I'd love 1000 hits a day too!  :)


I think it's a combination of a lot of things.  For me, I have two blogs:  personal/family (that I've had since 2007 when I was pregnant with my daughter) and my photography blog.  I get a lot more hits on my personal/blog for a variety of reasons - it's been around longer, and also I just think people like to get to know the person behind the camera.  I've heard other photgraphers say the same thing.


I have been TRYING to get more comments.  Almost to the part of pleading with people, lol.  As Natalie said, I think asking questions helps a LOT.  I think making your site simple, clean, easy to read also helps a lot.  There are SOO many bloggers out now, that we're all competing for 30 seconds of someone's time.  If I go to a site and it's too crowded with stuff, I tend to not stick around very long.  Something has to catch my 'eye'. 


Anyway, I've also heard running contests helps a lot too - this is especially true for getting Facebook "likes".  I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet, but it's in the back of my mind...... :)


Hope this helped!! Good luck to all of us! :)




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