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Hi! I would like to know more on adding back links to the posts. How does it help increase traffic to the site? I read an articles like 'Generate 100 plus back links to your site within minutes'. Is it worth doing or will it Spam my site? What is the best way to add back links for higher Google ratings? Would love to read a post on this topic.

Thanks for introducing 'blogging advice':)

Hi Manjusha. Thank you very much for your question. We answered your question today in How Important Are Backlinks. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask a question on the post and we'll be happy to answer. 

Thank you again for your question!

Thank you MBC. I really appreciate such a quick response and a great insight on this topic.

it depends if you have good quality backlinks, not all backlinks are good, so, use where to link your blog.

good quality backlinks such as commenting to a good quality website, you'll know what that is or manually submit to quality directories such as google, bing, yahoo etc. 


Don't the Google algorithms only really reward back links that are legit? Like they don't give a lot of weight to a back link that is on some random forum or blog that isn't related to your content. Or am I missing something?

Hi everyone! So, I got some blog feedback and I want to further "define" my blog's tagline. I blog about being the mom to a tween girl, focusing on raising a tween girl but still having a life of my own. Tween specific topics include hygiene, school, social skills. Mom specific topics include parenting, ways to relax. Currently, the tagline reads: lights, camera, life with a tween. This doesn't really reflect what the blog is about, I don't think so. Thinking about changing it to: A mom and her tween on the stage of life desperately unrehearsed. This is a mash-up of my own wording with a quote by Sean O'Casey. Or Sugar and spice and everything unexpected. Any thoughts/feedback? Greatly appreciate it!

Hi Tiffany - thank you for your question. We love that you are thinkg hard about your tagline. It really defines what people will expect from your blog. 

We like the idea of your new tagline. Perhaps to shorten it you could say: The Unrehearsed Life of a Mom and Her Tween. We like the second one as well. 

We hope this helps and will write a full post about the importance of taglines and some ideas to create the one you love.

Thanks so much for the advice! I decided to make a few more changes, hopefully finishing up this week!

I'm new to blogging. I would love to hear your thoughts on the importance of a subscribe/newsletter/mail list. Currently, I have one set up. No idea yet how I'm going to use it. The thought of it makes me cringe. Personally, I'm not a big "email subscribe" person. I just don't use my email much. If there is a blog or person I really want to follow, I'm doing it on FB and Twitter! I'd much rather follow them there and have that drive me back to their content (if a blog). If I do use it, why would they want a weekly/monthly/whatever email from me regurgitating a list of what I just posted in the last week/month/whatever. I certainly don't have the time to produce more content for that group to keep it different. I'm just really debating how to proceed with it. My husband (marketing guy) says it's important because as you grow your list it gives more opportunity for advertising. That people respond better to in-house emails versus social. Thoughts? Does everyone have one? Is it necessary? If I don't have one, how does it impact what I'm doing? Less exposure/followers/advertising options? Thanks!!

Your husband is absolutely right. Having a newsletter helps you keep in touch with your readers and as it grows you can bring in advertisers. 

my thoughts with regards are, whether it is important or not I would rather have one for future preferences, at the end of the day it is your readers choice to come back and subscribed.

For a new blooger, what is the best way to attract other moms to your blog?


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