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Most successful bloggers write at least three times a week on a very consistent basis. Some start off writing five days a week, but if you have a busy schedule that might not be feasible. We suggest starting with three because that will at least give people a reason to return. 

Sharing on social media is great. It will always pull in more readers. Be up front with your readers. Tell them that you will write Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example, so they know when to stop by. 

Hi Tori - We just checked out your blog. You have amazing content. You need to also tell your readers a little about yourself. Include a photo and a quick bio so your readers will get a sense of who you are and will continue to come back to connect with you and your writing. 

Thanks so much for your response. Good to know I will try to post three times a week. Seems like a lot to me but maybe it gets easier? Thank you for the feedback on my site. I do have an About section with a photo and bio... should I put more on than that? Any clue how long it normally takes mom blogs to get recognized by search engines?
Thanks again!
Hi Tori, We still didn't see your bio page. Perhaps you can link it on your top menu or on the sidebar. Hopefully we didn't completely miss it. Additionally you have such a great profile pic here on Mom Bloggers Club. Perhaps you can use the same photo on your sidebar. It will help your readers instantly connect with you.
Hey! It is on the top menu section beside the home button, its under the about button! Hopefully it's coming up like it should be! And I did use the same picture, lol. Thanks again!

I've started getting spammed recently with "interest in collaborating". All the emails seem very legit because they take the time to put in specific details, though I'm sure they are not. I'm curious if you have any tips to share regarding how to evaluate the people reaching out or those you potentially collaborate or partner with. It would be beneficial as I'm sure I'm not the only one getting these types of inquiries. 

Thank you for your question, Emily. This happens a lot. One of the ways you can tell if the email is legit or not is by their email address and signature. If they don't have a signature in their email they probably are not worth your time. If they have a gmail account, be wary. Many people who simply want you to post their articles with links in them for free or want you to run a banner ad for free use gmail accounts because they are free and easy to create. Most of these people also do not have web sites. 

If someone is from a legitimate company you'll know by their email address, signature and web site. Everything else just delete.

Please help a newbie! I am brand new to blogging. I just launched my site last week and am still trying to work out the kinks before I promote it to others. I host it with and have a WordPress account. I use the free theme called Accelerate (by ThemeGrill).

My question is about having readers share my post on social media such as Facebook. I installed a plugin called Social Media Feather, but not sure if that's the best one for me (I prefer something free if possible).

The sharing buttons are pretty big and look like this...

When I click on the FB tab and share it on my wall (with access only to me as a test), it is showing up with the text showing the title, categories, date, tags, photo credit etc rather than the first part of my blog or something catchy that prompts them to open & read it. How do I modify the text?

Also, sometimes the photo doesn't display as I want it to (it gets chopped off). I want it to show at the top of the post when they open it, but also on the list of posts when they display it from the menu, and nicely when they share it (I hope this is making sense).  Maybe I'm using the wrong size image and need to scale it or crop it? or I need a different plug in or something? (Two months ago I thought a plug in was something you did to your coffee maker if you wanted a hot drink, so please don't laugh at me... I've learned so much, but have so much more to discover.)

Here are a couple links and images to show you what I'm talking about.

On my FB page it looks like this when I share it...

A second example is

The photo comes out great on this, but I still want different text. How do I adjust that?

So, any help on this specific question about sharing on FB (plugins or process of how) would be greatly appreciated. Or any other suggestions or advice or encouragement (feel free to point out any spelling/grammatical mistakes or technical things on my website - I appreciate it all). What should I change or do before I start to share on groups and ask my friends to spread the word? Or am I at the point I should be doing that now? Also any comments on my blog posts or signup for my newsletter would be great too (even though I don't know how to do that on Mailchimp yet, I'm sure I'll figure it all out soon). Thanks so much. From what I've seen so far, you ladies are wonderful! 

Hi there! :) I have amazon affiliate links. They haven't been there long but I've already made a few sales. Are there tips and tricks to using affiliate links that you recommend? I have them on a page on my blog instead of in posts. :)

Affiliate links work best for niche blogs. For example, we know niche bloggers in food, tech, education, fashion etc who make a killing on affiliate links because their readers know what to expect from their content. 

Continue to do what have already been doing to generate affiliate sales..just amplify it. Also, be sure to use your affiliate links in your social postings. Just make sure to disclose the affiliate. 

Does the blog have to have a certain amount of views to become an affiliate?

Most often no. Many companies will allow you to become an affiliate if you're just starting out. Now, you will definitely need to increase your numbers so you can get more sales from affiliates. 


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