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Wow, thank you  for your feedback! I really appreciate it. Where in Oregon do you live? I moved here from NYC 2 years ago :)

As far as  the pictures, I am like a cave woman! I have no idea what rule of thirds are, I will look it up :)  The lighting in my apartment sucks though, we only have 3 windows in the entire apartment and it's been raining and cloudy every other day. Any tips on something I could use to help with the lighting?

I will definitely work on everything else you mentioned, never thought about putting the name of my blog on the photos, but it makes a lot of sense. I got a lot of work to do. Again, thank you so much!  and I am following you on twitter :)

Here are a couple of tutorials on rule of thirds and tips to make your photos better: Stunning Digital Photography is also an amazing book to buy and they have some videos on YouTube also for free.  We're in Southern Oregon practically on the Oregon California border and I've lived in various parts of Oregon my entire life.  For lighting a window is perfect.  Diffused lighting (cloudy days) are the best because you don't want direct harsh light because that will make harsh shadows.  Get something white like a white poster board from the dollar store to bounce some of the window light back onto your objects or whatever you're photographing.  Also having Lightroom (you can get for ten bucks a month with photoshop on the photographers special) will help you edit the lighting to be better, especially if you shoot your pics in RAW.

Hi Pam,
I just checked out your site and you're solid. I purposely checked it on a mobile device always remember that 84% of the views of your page or better will be on a mobile device. I see bloggers in the top 20 that their sites are not even properly formatted to mobile views.
So for just about a month in your kicking butt. Your consistent - you have good images ( I'd love to share my mobile creation apps that make killer images) those could add interest to each post.
Every category had content your fonts were well styled and you have a consistent theme.
One thing you will probably grow into is representing brands however the process affiliate programs, paid placement eventually in blogging you can head down that road and generate real income. So the only thing I would suggest is a pop up for subscribers to your site. I have tested all the formats for blogging weebly may not have that option.
If you're serious about continuing with blogging I would seriously consider going to WP. You can do so much more at no cost or minimal cost. Especially if you desire to grow to generate income in that case a not .com on a Genesis framework is where you want to be headed.
I would say to continue doing what you're doing and look towards other bloggers that you desire to emulate. Not be them be you always but a goal to reach towards. I truthfully think your blog is great and if you love what you do dream big and GO FOR it. I'd love to share creation tips with you and get an idea of where you want to head.
Nice job. I'm going to follow you reach out anytime if I can help.

Hi April, thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it and it came at the right time. I was wondering if maybe I needed to work more on my post, since I don't get people to interact with them. I think my problem right now is getting traffic and people to stick around and leave comments. I don't know how to make that happen.

I am thinking about going to WP because of the things you mentioned. However, I am very new to the blogging world and I'm not sure how to make the transition with out having to start from zero and losing all the work I have put into this bog (I will definitely look into it)

Btw, I subscribed to your blog, It looks amazing!

Hi! I have just created an Instagram profile for my blog. The user name that I chose to keep at present is @Mann_ronnie but not the blog name. However I have seen other bloggers having their user name same as their blog name, which I feel helps better in terms of promoting the blog.

My blogs name is "Blog.. Straight from mummy's heart". I feel the name is too long for a user name and that's why I chose to keep it @Mann_ronnie that's same as my Twitter Id and the Facebook page url which is " ".

Kindly suggest if I should continue as it is or change the user name for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as my blog name @straightfrommummysheart . Do you think it will help my audience connect better or it's too long for search engines to pull my blog?

Do you think it's too late for me to change my Twitter Id and Facebook page Id as I have decent number of followers already. Will it effect my following ? Do you suggest I instead just change the Instagram user id as I have recently created an account here.

Pls suggest the best User name that will help my blog on these social networks.


Is anyone else having a Wordpress issue with updating or publishing posts / creating drafts? The issue is that  after I save, I get a POST NOT FOUND or 404 Missing page notice, when I try to VIEW POST. The post is actually there, and updated, but I need to go to the post to see it. Thanks!

Are you on .com or self hosted .org a 404 missing page means that the category has no assigned page

I have been blogging for years, but was not very successful with my goals because I have been so afraid to 'put myself out there.' I live in a small town where everyone spreads rumors about everyone else and they don't seem to care whether it is true. So if I really put my blog out there and a rumor starts locally, I am afraid that it could ruin my writing career entirely. Does anyone else feel this way? How do you deal with the feeling of being judged and/ or rejected? Thanks! 


Merissa I just moved across the country from my home town of 37 years I've been writing the last 8. When we moved I really began to talk more about my personal struggles. I have recieved more email more contact more support because people find me relatable. If you constantly care what others think it's likely you'll not be able to accomplish much. People are going to think a certain way no matter what you do use your voice to tell them exactly who you are.
We all have had struggles those struggles make us who we are. Your voice might be a beacon of hope to someone. I encourage you to never drag drama and family disagreements into the public I think it makes people look petty . Tell about the bad that has turned to good, the enough that became more than enough. Use your voice to let people know exactly who you are instead of assuming.
April Ward

Thank you. That is very encouraging. :) I appreciate this! 

I have a HTML related question if anyone can help:

I am using Blogger for my platform and want to add a secondary menu bar with some drop down boxes for topics above my content, but when I use the app to make then I doesn't work correctly. Can someone help me with this? 

Hi Karla. Were you able to make your drop down boxes? We Hope so. If not, always try closing your account and logging back in. Or, even try using a different browser to add widgets on your blog. Sometimes that helps if you continue to run into problems.


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