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Karla just wondering if you resolved you issues? The blogger platform is great for a static one page feed or even simple 2 page setup adding multiple categories on blogger can be complex plus remember what you build is not likely to look the same mobile 88 % of your initial views will be mobile . There are coding experts who can help you to place a theme that will respond to all 6 views I've seen reputable sources well designed by good people who know blogger. You might be doing something difficult and the results can be frustrating

Hi mama bloggers. I am having a rough time with blog creation. I recently moved from wordpress to Blogger Google + because of the advertising restrictions with worpress. But I feel like I am limited. Any suggestions? I want to be able to set up separate pages on my blog and to be able to link my social media accounts but I can't figure it out. HELP! please. :)

I recently moved from Wordpress as well for the same reason. I now use Weebly. I like it a lot more since I am not only limited to a blog. I have been using it for a few months, now. The only downside so far is that you have to pay a little bit extra for really detailed analytics. But, it provides a lot more freedom than Blogger and Wordpress. Here is the website I made with Weebly (you can also use your own domain. I have to wait to use mine a few more months, but you can move your domain if you have one. 

I am very new to blogging, and know very little about it. I have my word press managed site set up. I know a little bit about SEO, other than that I am totally lost. There is so much information out there and I don't know what is legitimate and what is just a sales pitch. Is there any classes or books that this site recommends to new bloggers? Most of them I have seen give so little information about what they are teaching I am not even sure if it is basic enough for me. I love to write and think I have the ability to produce great content, but I am so overwhelmed by trying to sort through all the information.

Hi Jennifer - 

That is a really great question. There is a lot of information out there. We have written a lot about blogging and can point you to some articles of ours. Let us know what you need help with first and we can send you some links. 

I know images are a really important part of a great blog. I am  struggling with creating images to go along with the text. Weather it be just simply editing a picture that I have taken or creating one of those great images with a text over it. I don't know where to start or what tools to use. 

I also would like to know more about plugins which ones are necessary, right now I have yoast and google analytic.

Here are two sites we use very often. 

We get free images from and then we use, a very easy tool to make graphics with.

In terms of plugins - do you use Wordpress? 

yes I use Wordpress.

Hi there, I have been blogging for a few months. I love it but I am not getting as many views as I would like. My daughter tells me it takes time. I am using social media (also boosting posts on FB), I have done paid promotions on this site and I have been trying to connect with other bloggers. I would love feedback on what I could do to improve traffic. I am also wondering if I should improve my About Me section. Some of the others seem more catchy and fun and mine seems a little serious. I don't know...just trying to figure this all out. I post weekly. 

Hi Tonya - 

One of the best things to do is to find other bloggers like yourself and make sure to read their blogs and leave comments. It's great to follow people, but growing your blog is all about growing relationships. 

Over the years the most successful bloggers have all said the same thing: take time to read other bloggers (not a ton at first) and then gradually build your friendships. They will begin sharing your content and real friendships blossom in the process. 

I've signed up for both and amazon affliates and I'm having ok success putting in affliate links.  Is there a good rule to follow when putting advertisement banners in the middle of my blog posts?  Is there a template that I can follow that would make it easier?  Thanks for any help you can give.

We believe that ads in the middle of posts are effective as long as they are relevant to that given post. 

If you have a Wordpress blog there are a ton of templates that you can test and use. We like Copypress. We hope this helps. 


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