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Divine Theme

I have been treating my blog, Evolving Mommy, as a sort of catch all blog where I post everything, reviews recipies, daily events, funny stories, etc. But I have been toying with the idea of starting another blog to house some of the more "specialized" stuff like reviews for instance.

Would you suggest keeping the blogs tied together in theme/name or would you suggest starting something completely different?

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I personally HIGHLY recommend a separate blog for reviews. One you get going in that field, you will be overwhelmed with opportunities and there is nothing more of a turn off than reviews, reviews, reviews.

I think the other topics would be fine for "all-in-one". I wish mine was that way;) The main reason I do it like I do (with separate blogs) is for monetization reasons;)
I have a fashion blog, Mommy Gets Dressed (no longer updating) and so I named the kids books blog Mommy's Favorite Children's books. If you want to cross-promote, matching in some way may be good. It depends though on what cool ideas you have!

Good Luck!
I like it when blogs are tied together by theme/name just because 1) I like cutesy things like that and 2) I think it would help make you more recognizable in the blog world.
Making you more recognizable is a good point, however, you wouldn't believe how many know me as the "cowboy's wife" but have no clue that I'm the owner of My Wooden Spoon;)
Lori, did you see the blog about "you, the brand" and how the cross-linking synergy just didn't connect for people? Here is a quote that sounds just like what you said:

"But when it comes to stats, the synergy and the cross promotion hasn't been as easy as it would seem on paper. I've been pretty aggressive about linking between things, and if you follow me here or on Twitter, you get a pretty clear day-to-day account of my life. Yet, I'm stunned by how many people read this blog, but never go to TechTicker. Or how many people watch TechTicker, but have no idea I write a BusinessWeek column. Or how many people follow me on Twitter, but still think I'm on staff for BusinessWeek full-time. Or-- I swear to God-- the number of people who know me from any of those platforms and say, "You wrote a book?" If my life were a reality show, you could insert a montage of all the times I've said "my book" in the last year and it would be a mini-series in length. Whenever I get recognized and someone asks if I'm Sarah Lacy, I smile and say yes, but then coyly ask how they know me. Because I've learned it's different every time, and it's never all-of-the-above."

Here is the whole article:
Which basically confirms how I feel about having separate blogs;)

Great article! Thanks for sharing.
I'd like to add that it can also be alot of work to maintain several blogs as well. I actually have a technical manager that does it all for me now because I was so sick of the back-end stuff. Also, it can be a daunting task to have to create content on a regular basis for each niche blog you have.

Gosh, I don't mean to just point out the negative by any means....just want to be honest with you.
I just recently started a new blog just for my book reviews and such! I started with it just being a test, but it has turned out to be a really great and fun way to keep it all seperate!
I think keeping a theme to tie them together is a great idea! And I agree that you should beware of the added work in running multiple blogs :) Best wishes to you!!
Thanks so much for your feedback. You have given me a lot to think about. I agree that adding another blog will mean more work but I am worried about bogging down Evolving Mommy with reviews and such. I enjoy doing the reviews and checking out new products and services so I wanted to try to figure out a way to have my cake and eat it too.
Personally, I like to see a mix of things on a blog. (I dedicate Thursdays on my blog for any reviews that I have for the week.) Another thing that I have seen that I like is having a separate "Reviews" page on blogs. Personally, I'm not a major fan of multiple blogs - I have a hard enough time keeping up with one blog per blogger that I like!
I think having the names similar is best. My two main blogs (I have many) are SMS Book Reviews and Callista's Ramblings. I wish I had picked something more clever than Callista's Ramblings (do you know how many blogs are *name* ramblings??) but it's too late now. I've since created a blog on mental health so I called it SMS Mental Health. (By the way, SMS stands for Sun, Moon and Stars which is the name of my website)

I like the blog An Island Life and her review blog is An Island Review. I think that works well.


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