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Help! I have a blogger bully(aka troll) and dont know what to do!

I have this person that sends me comments that are not very nice and they even know details of my life that I dont blog about so I think its someone who knows me personally. Its affecting my day and urge to blog. I havent been posting their comments to discourage them but now they are sending angry comments about that! I guess I need some encouragement to go on blogging! Help!

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Ahh. Is there a way to block them from commenting or are they doing it anonymous? Set your blog to where whoever posts has to have an actual blog address, ID, etc. if that is the case.
I don't understand how people have so much time on their hands to feel the need to harass. Also, report them as well to the support team on whatever blog you use.
First, your voice is important so don't let one person with an obvious chip on their shoulder stop you from blogging. Why let THEM put limits on your life?

Depending on the blogging software you use, you can block by IP or email address. Personally, I wouldn't even bother reading the garbage they send and just hit delete. At some point they will decide to get a life and move on.

Good luck and keep blogging. Your voice is important.
I agree with what everyone else has said, but also - most importantly, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM. They feed off of that - even if you think you're being witty or snarky and giving it right back to them, it's just bait for them to continue on. If you completely, 100% ignore them - never say anything back, never publish their comments, and especially, don't allude to their assclownery in your blog posts, however vague you think you're being - they'll give up and go away eventually. I'm sure they're just sitting around waiting for you to say something passive aggressive on your blog, so they can engage in a battle with you. Screw them!
That is creepy. I didn't know this type of thing happened. I've heard of blog stalkers tho. I wish you the best with this situation!
I thought about doing the only if you have a blog but not everyone has a blog that comments and that would cut down on my comments so I didnt want them to control me that way. I have blogger and Im not sure how to block them through that program? Thanks for all the advice and I just will delete their comments and not be tempted to read them . I hope they get tired soon but I guess trolls must get curious too! So I will say SCREW THEM!
I block IPs of people like that. Dont get me wrong, they can use a proxy to go around it, but its a good start.

I agree, block or erase their comments, don't respond, and they will hopefully move on when they see they can't get to you, so their efforts are futile.

There are programs you can find online by googling IP address blockers, and they do work by redirecting them to another site and blocking yours, but they can get around it easily, so it may not be worth the time and effort, and may just fuel their fire even more.

Some people never grow up.

Don't stop writing.
It sucks having to deal with jerks like that. I agree with Brittany though - some folks just never grow up! Don't let them drag you down into their cesspool!
Oh man...that is awful Tess! I don't know much about this stuff...but is there a way to block their IP address from your blog?
Don't read anything they write. When you know it's from them just delete it. Your day is too valuble to let someone ruin it with their petty comments.
I would make it so they can't be anonymous that way they have to put their name behind it. I had this happen also a while back and just removed anonymous and magically it stopped. It is always funny what someone will say if they think they are anonymous. Don't let this freak stop you, and freak they are maybe even a stalker. I am coming over to your blog to give you comment love.
First, don't worry about them giving you angry comments about not printing their comments, because this isn't a democracy, it's YOUR blog! We all love to be inclusive, of course, but not when someone is harassing you! I agree with either blocking the IP or requiring an email or blog ID as well, so that you can narrow down who it is that is doing this to you. Good luck, and don't let it get you down!


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