HELP! My 9 1/2-month-old's eating issues are making me crazy!

Hi Everyone out there!!! I'm REALLY new, but I figured this might be a great place to seek advice; my 9 1/2-month-old has become really picky on me. He used to eat FANTASTICALLY--no problems at all. But now in the last month or so, he's become finicky. One day he'll eat all of his solid food and no formula, and the next he does the exact opposite. His pediatrician advised me to give him PediaSure a few times a week, but now I think he craves the sweet flavor of it because he'll drink maybe an ounce or two of formula at a feeding, but put that PediaSure in front of him and he'll suck the whole 8 oz down! He is getting a few teeth in, so I know that might be the culprit, but I'm just concerned because he was in the 3rd percentile for weight at his 9-month check-up, and it this crazy eating pattern of his is not getting us in the right direction.

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Welcome and you are in the right place. Plenty of Mom's go through this, especially during teething or growth spurts. I went through this with one of my girls. We started trying some new foods which seemed to get her curiousity on the days she otherwise uninterested in solids. A scrambled egg or plain tofu seemed to work as I recall. Great protein and keeps them on the growth track.
Thanks so much for the ideas! My husband said he tried the scrambled egg this morning at breakfast and it went over well, and then he even added some yogurt to his formula to make it taste better, and that seemed to work, too. I guess it's all just trial and error. I really appreciate the suggestions, though!
Do you think maybe he'd eat more if he fed himself? When my babies were that age I'd toss sliced bananas in crushed cereal and set it out on the high chair tray. I'd also make extra thick oatmeal, roll it into little balls, and also coat it in cereal for easy pick-up. Maybe try some cubes of cheese, and I also second the scrambled egg suggestion! My daughter loves eggs.

Remember it's just a phase, and he won't let himself starve ;)
try to innovate or do something creative with his food. my son went through that stage, too. he started to eat well. lately, he's losing touch again. i make changes in the appearance of his food to make it more enticing, i guess. it works sometimes. let him eat alone, too. i find that effective as well. but always be sure to check him once in a while even while he's eating alone.

there was a time when my son loves eggs. then lately, he doesnt want that anymore. what i did was to cook noodles with eggs. so there he goes, he started eating eggs again! you know, kids sometimes get bored with stuff. lol


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