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My name is Carla and I'm new on mommy bloggers. Please introduce yourself and tell me what your blog is about. I look forward to hearing from you all :)

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HI ! I'm Melanie, I started my blog back in Feb of this year when I challenged myself to make a brand new recipe each and every day for the entire month. I drove everyone on my FB nuts posting pictures and recipes, my blog was the result of everyone begging me to keep going. Though I can't do it daily for this long I post as often as I try something new, so other Mom's or anyone really can have ideas themselves. Always on the look out for new recipes, just thought others would be too. I'm new to this blogging stuff, already love reading everyone elses blogs though so hopefully I can keep mine going!
Hi! I'm Angela. SAHM/WAHM to my 3 wonderful boys and my super husband. I'm just getting back into blogging after taking nearly a year long break. My blog is Hot Mom Tips and I'm hoping to add product reviews.
About Me
More Milestones
I'm a working married mom of teen boys. Blogging about the many changes in life with humor, common sense and the Lord to carry me.
Twitter: mom2_boys
Hello Carla It's truly great to be here! My name is Brigitte
I've been blogging for quite a while now, I blog mostly about things that may be an interest
to moms who market their business online helping them discover ways they can drive more
website traffic to their website blogs. This is what my blog is about Free Traffic vs Targeted Traffic
My blog is about my family.I have been blogging for a few years,mostly cause I enjoy talkig about my family mostly my kids.:)
I notice my blog is not really looked at,and i thought maybe its me??LOL I write boring possibly.However,I do keep out a lot of imporant things because i try to keep my family from reading too deep into it(extended family( from reading too deep into it all.:)
I am at blogger,and word press(recent):)
Also myspace but dont blog there often....
My name s NANCY:)
Hi ladies! If we haven't already "met" . . .I'm a mommy of 3 boys, an online boutique owner (handbags, jewelry, fashion and accessories for under $60 and a fashion/beauty blogger. Come visit, and if you LOVE my blog, like me on FB, too! I'll be sure to do the same!!!
Hi, my name is Laura! I started my blog to keep family and friends updated on my pregnancy after we moved across the country. Now it's about life as a SAHM in New England. It has recipes, craft ideas, and of course, posts about my daughter, Georgia.
Hey ladies!

My name is Kylee and I am an 18 year old mother to an {almost} 2 year old little girl named Lyla. I am also engaged to the love of my life and best friend, Chris, who is in the US Army. My blog is about my life as a mother, transitioning from single mom to Army wife, all my photography, and just a bunch of random ramblings that are sure to make you laugh! Lol! Come on over and check me out if you wanna. You follow me, I follow you. :) Cuz I'm awesome like that. Haha!

Hi! I'm Teresa! I have two blogs ~ Society of Socialpreneurs which I created to help promote mom owned businesses, direct sales consultants, etsy moms, bloggers, and small business owners. If you are a business owner, we offer a free listing in our business directory! We also have a free blog directory and so much more! Hope you can stop by and visit and look around!

The other blog is more of a personal blog, A Single Mom and a Teenaged Girl.

Thank you so much Carla for the opportunity to share! Have a great weekend!

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Whew! Old thread, but I'm pretty new to this site so...

Name: Lindsay Maddox
Kids: 4, 2, and 10 month old twins
Blog: Silly Mom Thoughts
Facebook Fan Page:
Blogger since: 2005

My blog focus: Laughing my way through motherhood... telling those cringe-worthy stories that help other moms know that they're not alone. I don't brag about my kids or offer boring kid stats. After all, I barely care about their growth percentiles, why would I expect anyone else to?

Something funny: New moms look at me, mouths dropped and say, "Wow... you're a mom of four little ones, you're pretty much an expert." My response, "The only thing I am an expert in is getting pregnant."

My goal: To never have my blog filled with annoying, huge, and/or blinkie ads. I hate that with a passion.

There, that 'bout sums me up.

Hello, I'm Amanda and I currently am the owner/reviewer of customer reviewing site Hollywood Chic. I am currently 27 years old and have both chronic pain and terminal illness, starting my blog was a mission to fight to my apex; it gives me purpose now and a hope I never priory had.

I review only top quality products from companies to believe in that offer frugality and quality coupled hand in hand. Extensively I do research prior to pitching these sites to respect the reader. I am interested in interpersonal communication and making new sustainable friendships with those who have a like minded interest. Reviews are assorted as are my "tip" blogs and special exclusive offers. (all followers are properly returned) as well as @Hollywood__Chic (two underscores) on Twitter where followers are also returned in respect of the professionalism I strive to carry.



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