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Holiday Gift Guides 2018 - Anyone Interested In Helping Me Out?

Hi ladies!

So, one of my clients that I write for I'm also doing a bit of marketing help/gift guide research for this week. He is interested in having his products promoted via various gift guides as ideas on what people should buy their husband, boyfriend, brother, or son for Christmas. The products are more manly in nature, but really anyone could use them. I think they are gorgeous and I would totally use them myself.

His website is:


The products are actually pretty awesome and techy/innovative. If you'd be interested in featuring one of his products on your Holiday Gift Guides (including a picture taken from the site, link to product, and description written by you), and would like something whether its monetary compensation or free product from their line, please respond below with the following:

-your e-mail address

-product wanted or compensation amount for feature, or if you want nothing in return that's obviously awesome as well!

-when you plan on writing the gift guide, or if it already exists - and when you will be able to implement the product into your guide

From there, I will forward your information along. I know lots of you are in the middle of writing your gift guides right now - I would love the help! I need to get started on my own gift guide, speaking of which!

Have a great day, ladies!


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