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Hey mamas. My daughter is going to 1st grade next year. She is currently in Kindergarten, but in public school.
 We are choosing to homeschool next year, but I want to hear any advice/tips you have!

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I homeschooled my daughters. It was the best decision we could have made. They were able to learn so much more on a schedule they enjoyed. Every day was a chance to learn something new. We traveled a lot which is a teacher in itself and it allowed them to really home in on what they were really good at. 

Highly recommend!

What grade are your girls in? my daughter is going into 1st grade! 

We are staying at home and educating due to a state-wide Coronavirus shelter-in-place order. Personally, I like to carve out an hour for livestream education. Many options free, for all ages, and certainly worth the screen time! My daughter is in 1st grade, too. She especially loves the Weather Channel lessons, Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen) story times, and Mo Willems (Elephant and Piggie) Lunch Doodles.

Oh thank you so much, I am going to check these out! My daughter is going to 1st grade next year!


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