I am looking for recommendations. I have read many many articles across the web but they are not from actual bloggers.
Do you have a hosted or self-hosted blog?
Why did you choose what you did and have you since thought about changing anything including the actual host?

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Thx so much! I am going to start w/ and more than likely use Hostgator as my host- I am still looking into this. I am looking for reliability, tech support, flexibility, compatibility, PRICE- not low man on the totem but not top of the line either- i need room to grow but I'd like my choice to carry me for a few years w/o the NEED for upgrading or changing over. I also need user friendly- I am still learning HTML, so it will take me much longer to set things up... tech support will be key for me right now!
Thx Sherry
I saw BlueHost listed as well but I think they had limits on some things that I don't have to worry about w/ Hostgator- I am actually going to read back over program plans tonight & make my big decision- I need to find who to get my Domain from though & I was hoping I could find a a host that also offers that. As I read I will see if either do- It is not a real big deal if they don't but I was trying to make a one purchase w/ my card and be ready to get started- LOL
Thx though, nice to meet you & I hope to see more of everyone here by getting quite active.
I started out with blogger, then bought my domain and hosting from fatcow. I have no issues with them and it was very cheap for a year of unlimited everything. I contemplated self hosting from my house. The downfall, I just changed isp's to ATT and have limited upload limits. When I move back to roadrunner I may host myself from my own terminal.
We have a self-hosted blog. Our main reason for going self hosted was that we wouldn't have to make sure we abide by any TOS by say Blogger, or Wordpress. Meaning we can put ad's, or paid advertisements, affiliate links on our site and not break a tos.
We use FatCow for our hosting, and they have been great to help us, answering questions, and walking us through many different things. If we had to do it over again, I think we would make the same choices.

Thx! You all are being extremely helpful and I am really getting a full understanding of everything. Thank-you for taking the time to help out a noob!
Thx so much Melissa! I am checking this out now.
This is one I had in my favs after doing searches on "Begin Blogging" and had not gone through yet! Thx so much for adding this here. It prompted me to link through from your link here and I have watched 5 vid's at this point! What a huge help in all of this! I can't thank-you enough! Even though I had it tucked away in my favs I know I hadn't checked it out yet because it was in vid format and I wasn't sure if it would even be helpful so I stuck to all text sites I could find. This has by far been the most helpful option for me! Again, thx for bringing my attention around to it! I know how it saved twice in my favs- LOL! This will really help anyone looking to self-host and use!
I started with blogger but switched to WordPress self-hosted as soon as I was ready to take blogging to the next level. WordPress has so much more potential to me than Blogger. The reason I love it is b/c there are more options as far as plugins and ways to set up your SEO. It also gives you the flexibility to change things. My hosting is through Host Gator which allows unlimited domains so you can have multiple sites if you wish or even share hosting with a friend. Just some of my opinions. I love WordPress as well.
Thx dawn!
I am planning to use Hostgator! & of course and w/ this i feel I am finally ready! I have been so hesitant to start. Partially intimidated, partially worried I was not looking at the best source for the best deal and quality service! I feel confident these are the best choices for me and w/ all of the tuts and "how-to" sites, I feel I can actually do it all on my own. You guys are great! Thx!
Happy to help!
I was just coming to ask a similar question, so thank you for all your help. I have a blog actually, but it's currently through blogger and I think it's time to change.
I am self-hosted and have been since 2003. Before that, I was a geocities freehost. Now...I actually have my own servers and I sell webspace about 5GB diskspace and 25GB bandwidth for $25 per year. I have been doing this since 2006. It makes it easy on those who really cannot afford a hefty $75 for space they will never use or from a host who will not tell them how much resources they have used until they went over.


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