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I've looked through several blog boards over the past several weeks. I always see tons (and tons) or "Follow me and I'll follow you!"


Which is fine. I'm not knocking anyone that does that.


But, how do I get people to not only follow me - but read what I write about, check my blog everyday without being prompted. (via Blog Hops, ect)


I currently have about 77 followers and I get about 132 visits a day, 229 page views and the average time anyone is on my blog is about 2 minutes, 10 seconds.


I think I write about interesting stuff. I always like blogs with alot of pictures, so that's how I try to blog. I also blog everyday - again, just how I like the blogs I read.


Am I thinking too much into this?!!?





Mom. Undecided.


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I think the key is just to have great content. I enjoy writing about my life, but I'm also a professional photographer and that's how I make my living, so I know that's my strong suit. I know that I take great photos of my kid, so people come and enjoy viewing them. I think that's one way I get them to stay.

Every blog is different though and you just need to figure out what your strong suit is - whether it's writing, or photos, or craft ideas.

If you can think of something fun to post every day then keep it up and your readers will keep coming! btw, I think your stats are pretty good!! :)
I did the "follow me and I'll follow you" thing a little and then I realized, that is not what drives comments/visits to my site. I host a review/giveaway blog and write about my daughter/hubby/recipes/life when I get time. I do not have time for posting quality content. Some people look down on that. Whatever. I have a high-pressure, full time job and no time for composing good content/advice/articles. I like giveaways. That's been my hobby for years! My main followers are people who like to enter giveaways. I also mainly follow other reivew/giveaway blogs and other moms or dads who seem to share my interests - mainly family-time. I do actually visit the sites of some other people who I met through the whole "follow me" think. I don't have time to visit daily, but I like to get a glimpse into their lives. I have found that you will get more people to visit and comment if you visit and comment on their blogs, too. TGIF!
Giveaways are always good. Lots of photos and real writing. Its summer so I dont have as much time for blogging but every time I check my blog I have new followers so I must be doing something right. I think theres also a 'curiosity factor'. People wonder where you go and what your doing when your not blogging as much.
I think it's important to have great content, but it's that's not enough. You have to build a community. When you end your posts ASK for people to comment, ask them a question (that pertains to your post) and get the conversation going. When someone makes a comment on your site, make sure you reply.

When people get to know, like and trust you they are more likely to come back to your blog day after day to see what you have to say.

Same goes for twitter and other traffic tactics ~ you have to participate and get involved so people have the chance to get to know you.
Running a blog is hard work-getting readers is even harder.

In all honesty, I think the only way you can keep up people coming back is to comment on their blogs-constantly. I used to spend hours commenting on other blogs. I had lots of visitors and when I got busy with a business I was starting, I couldn't comment as much. My readership went down when that happened.

I don't think it was because I don't provide great content- I do the contests, photos, funny posts, etc. I think that there just are so many blogs out there that bloggers get overwelmed. They might only go to their comment section and reply to the bloggers that had visited them already.

Even if you do comment religiously, you still should have lots to giveaway, write valuable information, and take great photos. Then, you stand a chance to get readers to stay on their own. :)
Your stats are very good for 77 followers! It looks like your doing a great job at getting people to come back. Do you know how many unique visitors your getting a day?

I think that this is a problem for many bloggers! Your on the right track with writing interesting things and blogging regularly. I think one think that could help if you continue to consistently comment on blogs that you follow, which may help bring them back to your blog, rather than them just coming the first time you comment or follow their blog, as often people will visit the blogs of people that comment!

Good luck :)
It's a tough business, blogging. Even for people like myself who do it only as a hobby! I think a key is to know your niche, and know what type of blog you want to be and what sort of readers you want to attract. Are you a giveaway blog? A review blog? A photo blog? Decide that, focus on it and deliver strong content in THAT venue. Seeking out other blogs of similar focus and commenting on them with invested thoughts will drive similar traffic back to your blog.

For me, my blog is simply a "me blog". I do no giveaways, reviews, advertising. Nothing. So the pressure is on me to deliver writing that is intellectual, inviting and intriguing enough that people will want to spend their precious time reading it. I enjoy the challenge, but it IS a challenge at times. I have certainly found that investing in other's blogs promotes investment back at mine. It's all about community.

Good luck!
I usually only try to REALLY get followers for my giveaway blog. But for my personal one I just want someone who is going to read it to follow me. I usually put my buttons or links in my replies on here and if anyone finds them interesting, they can click on them. If they like my blog, then they can follow!



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