I started blogging about 6 months ago. And I love it! I try to keep it personal, even when writing sponsored posts or reviews. But my kids don't always like me talking about them. And hate when I post pictures. I have two boys, 14 & 16 years old. They have great stuff going on that I'd love to share, and then the not so good stuff that I may be able to warn/help other parents about. But how do I do it without causing problems?

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Hey there,

maybe explain to them that you aren't trying to tell their business but use some of their life experiences to help others. Always get their permission as well. You could use an alias instead of their real names, I do this with my daughter. If you must post pics, blur out their faces or just show their  shoes or something non descriptive. Hope that helps!

Thanks Tiffany! That helped a lot. I talked to them about it and I think we are good...for now anyways! 


I've never posted many pictures of the kids. They are 20 and 17, I've had the blog for 11 years, going on 12.

I blog about things and am hypersensitive to it embarrassing them. My kids grew up telling me not to blog somethings and I've respected that.

It doesn't mean I don't write a big old generic vent post about the situation though.;) lol I started blogging to keep my sanity. That's even more the. As now at their ages!

Thank you :) I have spent the last few days talking to my boys and they now know I would never embarrass them or post any pics they didn't agree on. Generic posts are ok!

we are free to post their pics until they are toddlers.. But as they grow up we need to keep their interests in mind .. I am sure :)

Maybe because I grew up with a mom who was over protective, I don't like to post my family photos on my blog. I share my family pictures on Facebook to my friends, but I have many friends that are categorized as acquaintances and they cannot see those photos of my kids. I'm just very mindful of what goes online can be copied and picked up by anyone. My kids are still young...under 8 so I'm sure I'll run into this problem of wanting to blast their issues as they mature. I always try to blog about things in a way that would be beneficial to the reader, so I'm not just venting about stuff, but I'm explaining what happened and how we solved the issue. 

I post about mine all the time, they get mad I tell them live with that. I earn that right. I have three daughters  17,15 and 12, it has gotten easier they only asked if i post a picture I get there permission of what picture, i notice though as they get older the less they start to care. 


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