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I started a mommy blogspot in February called, "One Bored Mommy" and I have been having such a blast reviewing businesses, telling people about products I think are fantastic, doing product reviews, giving away amazing things, etc.

My question...I wanna be one of these MOMMY BLOGGERS that get to go on Disney Cruises and review it...get to go check out Hallmark's Headquarters, etc. How do I get there? What do I need to do? I think I'm connected with every large group I can connect with, I have contacted lots of companies on my own...but I know I need the backing and support to make it happen. I'm extremely motivated and goal oriented and since I like what I am doing so much...I want to make it happen!

So...any suggestions? Please check out my blogspot at and give me your opinions, suggestions, compliments, concerns, etc. I'd love to hear anything that will make my mommy blog one of the best!

Thanks in advance!
One Bored Mommy!

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I am by no means one of the extraordinaires, but I'm have no desire to be either. lol What I would recommend is, that I notice about all of them, is to invest in your own domain name to begin with. After that, I would would also suggest investing in blog design.

These two things really are most likely what first defines a dedicated blog. Secondly, focus on well written, detailed, problem-solving content for Moms.

Like I said, I'm no expert myself. But this is just some of the things I have picked up along the way that can help raise one to that status.

HTH! :)
I share the same goal! hehe. I'll check out your blog and check back for the responses!
My advice: "Cream always rises to the top". Do consistently good work and eventually you'll get noticed. That - and try not to make the "goodies" your goal - rather a by-product of the service that you're providing to your readers.

One last note: mom bloggers who seem like they've only gotten into blogging/joining blogging groups to "get stuff" are unattractive to many. Groups/companies/etc. don't like to feel "used". It's great to be ambitious and all, but it has to be more than about the "stuff".

Having said that, I'm by no means a mom blogger extraordinaire. I'm simply a mom in the city sharing about things that I think other moms will like (along with a "sprinkling" of my life). However, I have been invited to several of the types of events that you mentioned, have spoken with a wide range of bloggers and marketers/etc. That's why I'm answering your question.

All the best,
-Kimberly/Mom in the City
Very well said and definitely what I believe works as well. Just keep it up and eventually those good things will come to you too. You do what you love to do and just look at the rest as "perks" I guess you could say. Also what Shynea said about working on your technorati, alexa ranking and subscriptions is really important and a lot (but not all) companies will come to you asking for this info. Just be cautious to not let your reviews take over your whole blog. It can be hard to work in the quality content when you're constantly writing for someone else.
Kimberly you hit the nail right on the head. Wonderfully said!
My main suggestion to you would be to invest in purchasing your domain name and into a more professional blog design.

I am not a quote-unquote "mommy blogging extraordinaire" but I have partnered with some big name companies like Dove and Avon. I never went looking for them though, the opportunities came to me.

A company's PR department knows what they are looking for in a blog. And like stated above, they don't want to feel like they are being used. Usually when a blogger who has just started out blogging goes to solicit these companies, they are turned down. For two reasons mainly. Number 1, because they have no history behind their site. Number 2, because it looks as if they only got into blogging to try and "get stuff."

Concentrate on making your blog original and provide good content that can be used for years. Write worthwhile articles and develop your presence on the internet. Work on getting up your stats, such as your daily page views, unique visitors and return visitors. Also work on your Google PR, Technorati rank and Alexa. You might also want to build up your feeb subscription count as well. Companies who give away the big stuff request this information.
First let me say, I'm not a blogging extraordinarire either, but I have done two small reviews that I got to keep the product, smooth away and fructevia sugar. The website I used to start doing reviews is They send me emails when an item is up for review and if I reply the item is sent to me, I try it and then write a review on my blog.

For larger items, and larger companies, its true that you have to work on your blog more and for a longer period of time. Larger companies want to know you will have a good size of readers. You can join more sites like this one to find more readers and install sitemeter to know how many views you are getting.

I wish you luck to your success!
Time, patience, consistency. I agree with the person who said you should invest in your own domain name and a professional blog makeover.

Good luck :-)

My best advice, on top of what others have offered, is to put your focus on delivering interesting or super useful content that moms want to read and share with others. Reviews, giveaways, and all that stuff should be extra, added value on top of what you provide as a core.
I think a lot of people have already mentioned some important things like a professional design and buying your domain name. I think those are two of the first steps. Maybe try writing some of the blogs you see as meeting the standards you are looking for. Maybe they will respond and share some tips?! Who knows? Honestly, you are a mommy blogger extraordinaire just by being you! I am amazed by all of the work everyone puts in! Simply extraordinary!
Very good advice has already been given. Good luck! And I'm going to check out your blog.
Good question. Here are a few tips that have worked for me:
1. Title your posts with terms that people might search for and use practical terms in your posts. I have had good traffic for posts I did on preschool lunches, finding babysitters online, and my interview with a pediatrician on swine flu.
2. Install Google Analytics (it's free) to track your traffic and see what's driving people to your site. You can see what Google search terms led them to your site, how many people are coming from Facebook, etc.
2. Post your latest post as a comment on Facebook. Put it in your email signature.
3. Offer email subscriptions through Feed Burner ( many mommy readers of my blog don't use RSS feeds and read the post via email. I count subscribers as traffic). These are also very loyal readers since it comes to them and they read every post. If they send me comments as reply in email, I post them as comments on my blog (after asking them).
4. Become involved in other blog communities.
5. Don't worry about advertising. From other bloggers I've spoken to, there's no money here unless you've invested a lot of time to drive traffic and build an audience.
6. Enjoy writing! I blog because I love writing and it's a creative outlet for me to process motherhood. Enjoy your output and the rest will follow.
Hope this helps!
Heather (


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