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How do you all handle it when people ask you to "get the word out" about their site?

I've been receiving numerous e-mails from various sites, asking me to promote their site on my blog. Up until now, I've been doing it with no problem. But now I'm getting even more e-mails with those kinds of requests and my husband thinks there should be some type of fee involved for them to promote their site/business on my blog.

I have absolutely no problem promoting another mom blog or a mom-owned business, as I think we all have to help each other out, as mothers. I'm talking more like being contacted by PR people who are looking for a way to promote their clients' products. Some have offered me free products to review/giveaway but others have just come right out and asked me to "promote" their product on my blog.

I'm just not sure how to handle this. Do any of you sell ad space on your blog? How do you go about advertising that? I wouldn't even know what to charge....I'm completely at a loss on this and just looking for some insight/advice/suggestions....


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I have such opinions about this! First you have to make sure that what you are advertising is meshing with your blog and you REALLY like what they are doing otherwise...*shifts eyes* people will know. Just because they are a mom doesn't mean you owe them anything. HOWEVER I do feel as you do that we should help eachother. I am currently seeking out people to advertise with me but I am not charging them because I sought them out. I did ask for items in a giveaway. All it cost them was what it cost to make the product. I think that if someone were to approach me I would think it good manners to pay for it. I understand that not everyone has money but there could be a mutual link on their site for yours. I say go with your gut!

If a PR company approaches me to advertise their client's product on my site, then I ask that they send the product to me first. If I am going to recommend/advertise a product to my loyal readers, then I want to make sure that what I am recommending/advertising is something that I would actually use.

After I review the product, and I see that it is something that I will use, I will email the PR person back and offer to write a post about their product. I also ask if they would be interested in doing a giveaway on my blog. That way they get a review/giveaway post and a spot on my sidebar for a week.

If I review a product and see that it isn't something I will use, then I will email the PR person back and let them know that I received the product and looked over it, but at this time I will not be able to advertise it on my blog. I'm not rude with it, but I let them know what about it I feel wouldn't mesh with my readers.

Everyone's prices for charging for advertising is different. You have to take into consideration many different factors. Such as how many page hits, unique visitors and return visitors you get per month.

I hope this has helped.
Check out this page on this site. Really good info.


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