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Hi Lades, My blog Saving Moms Money is only a few weeks old, a newborn to say to the least, but I was wondering how all of you wonderful bloggers get Products to Giveaway and review?

Do you contact the companies yourself or do they contact you?

My main concen is content and getting readers for now but I am VERY interested in reviews and giveaways for my readers as well.

Thank you!

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I contact them directly which has been really good for me. Now that my blog has been going for a few months, I have companies contact me directly. I join as many blogging communities as I can - the best ones are sites that connect bloggers with companies that are looking for PR. And comment on as many blogs as you can - great way to get your name out. Start with contacting companies directly though, I have had great response with this.

Good luck!
I'm curious about how you contacted the companies. Did you just send an email? Was it formal/informal? Can you explain that a little?
Thanks Tina, BTW I love your blog and have now become a follower.
Also, do you have any suggestions for blogging communities that connect bloggers with companies?
I've been in the publishing industry for years, and I get stuff in the mail & email all the time!

Just recently I've been able to actually farm them out to mom bloggers/entrepreneurs to review.

You could always pop over to and see what the ladies there need reviewing.

I expect a shipment of disney/toystory brand yogarts soon. I wonder how they'll ship those perishables??

Good luck.
Thanks! I joined, great site.
I just joined too!! :) and The Product Review Place have been great resources for me. Twittermoms sends out periodic emails when companies are specifically looking for mom bloggers and The Product Review Place has an entire discussion board with company requests for PR. Other places I'm trying are momfuse, myblogspark and mommypr. I found all of these surfing through other blogs. Hope that helps a little. I'm fairly new to this but I've done a couple of reviews.
I just keep emailing companies at websites that I arrive on. Oddly enough, they had responded ,even since my blog was a small little newborn, likely less than a MONTH old, even! Just like yours! Whooo, let me see now... I got several card and other board games and those retro bubbly Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments, and several other things, not to mention, books too.

Strangely enough, I was even able to review Bendaroos, an As Seen On Tv product, even! Ther MEGA Pack, even, not, and I REPEAT , NOT a small sampler pack of any sort. THE MAXIMUM size! I went back to the Bendaroos site to verify what I was dealing with , and it WAS that MAXIMUM size! So, I went and made a honeybee with that. And took pictures of the bee for the blog. And I made it myself with NO instructions-as in- I DREAMED IT UP!

I just started emailing like crazy since I had gotten that first YES from that Christmas company site. This had me started with a frenzy. Hey, it works.
WOWZA! :) That is cool! Sounds like you are pretty crafty! Would love to have you write about or promote my tutu making course if you'd be interested!

Let me know!
I began by contacting them directly and introducing myself. A good way to decide on which companies to email is by looking at who the other review bloggers are working with. This way you know the company is already familiar with review blogs.

Once I started to do reviews more regularly, they started contacting me. :-)

Aloha - Kailani
An Island Life
Love the suggestions below...there are some sites I hadn't heard of that I'm going to sign-up for! Actually I'm coming at it from the opposite way...I need to find mom bloggers to review/mention my site!

If you might be interested in working with me, let me know!



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