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Hi Lades, My blog Saving Moms Money is only a few weeks old, a newborn to say to the least, but I was wondering how all of you wonderful bloggers get Products to Giveaway and review?

Do you contact the companies yourself or do they contact you?

My main concen is content and getting readers for now but I am VERY interested in reviews and giveaways for my readers as well.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky. The companies I've contacted had requested my stats, mentioning that they usually work with mega traffic sites such as Cool Mom Picks, Daily Candy, Urban Baby etc. Though my blog is fairly new, I have really impressive traffic and 400% monthly growth. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough. I haven't even gotten reply back.
Hi Julia Angel, I'd be happy to give you an opp for a review or giveaway...just email me if you want some info.

Oh, Jenni
You are too sweet. The reason, the companies have been hard on me is that I am reviewing stylish clothes for BOYS and those are usually retail monsters or not very affordable brands, that prefer to work with high traffic sites rather than taking chances of "wasting" their giveaways on relatively young blogs.
Tutus are wonderful but they are off my topic. I think the give away concept is extremely overused and readers are so used to them and actually so spoiled, they don't even react to the posts, which do not promise some kind of gifts and spoils. Moreover, they wouldn't bother if a giveaway is not good enough. So, we are basically bribing the audience to take a glance at our writings. Moms blogging is morphing into a hunting field where the bloggers fight for the visitors attention dangling the carrots of the giveaways in front of their faces. When the concept is so overused, it's a time to move on. Think of a new strategy. I might get crucified for what I am saying right now, but what the heck! I'll be thinking hard of some alternative.
I just recently got involved in reviews and giveaways. Someone once told me to post my blog on a couple sites (I forget what they are now!) and it was a good way to get contacted by companies to do reviews and such, but I never got contacted, so I'm not sure how great that was. I get ideas for things I want to review from fellow blogs, if I like products I see or whatever, or I search around the internet and see what I can find, and then I contaact companies directly. This has actually worked really well for me. I have had great responses, and have loads of reviews and giveaways lined up for the coming weeks and months. Some aren't able to do reviews and giveaways at the moment because they are swamped with others, etc., but it's okay, most of my responses are positive and I get to review the items, etc. :-) I have had one company contact me instead of the other way around, and that was eshakti. :-)



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