HI All,

I'm only new here and slowly finding my way around the forums so please excuse me if this has already been done. My new blog has been running for a month now and I have found when I switched over I lost allot of my readers. So how do you do it?

I would love to get a few more followers too so check out my blog and get to know me, I love finding new blogs and can follow you too.


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Hi there -
Honestly, the best way to increase traffic is to visit other blogs and leave meaningful comments. Make sure to comment about the posts, not just saying "Great blog" etc. Also, lot of people get really turned off by someone commenting that they are visiting from MBC or other group, as it sounds like an obligatory visit...
There is an MBC group called Follow Me club (i think) where you follow the group, and everyone follows you. The only trouble is, just because someone is following you, it doesn't mean they are reading your blog. So, comment, comment, comment!
Also, Twitter is a great help, too. Build up your following and get to know others on Twitter and then post to Twitter when you write something new. Easy way to let a bunch of people know you've posted to your blog.
Good luck!
I wholly agree with everything she said. Another great way to help gain traffic is to write great "how to" blog posts in your genre/niche, as well as using Facebook's Networked Blogs function.

Good luck to you!

Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Just an FYI people fro the follow me club often say they are from the club because people asked for that in that forum becaise it was so hard to know when people were following you. I do have to say thouogh it is hard to follow and comment on all those blogs and comments are they key. You will figure out pretty soon who are the real followers by the comments. So I second LZ but just don't be offended if someone tells you they are finding you through the followers club. Good Luck!
Hi Danielle,

I'm now following your blog and mine is at :

I use this at least 3 times a week which pings my blog, store and twitter account:
LZ said it well... visit other blogs and mean it. Honestly, I don't want people signing up for my blog just because they feel like they have to or because they they want me to sign up for theirs. I prefer that my blog followers be there becasue they want to be there, because they enjoy my blog. Otherwise it doesn't seem worth it to me.

Twitter can also give you great exposure. Many people will at least click and of those, some will sign up to follow.

You an also use your facebook page to publish your blog which will get you some more clicks too.

That said, I'm far from an expert and I'm still working on my blog too! LOL!
I haven;t figured out the secret to this either. The only advice I keep hearing & have been using is visit & comment on other blogs, and get a Twitter account. And don't expect it to happen over night either. That will drive you batty.
I would say the same comment other, do meme like wordless wednesday or something to intrigue people to come back every week. I do wordless wednesday, tasty tuesday recipes, favorite friday and thinking of starting to do ruby tuesdays. contest bring in alot of traffic , twitter, follow club, some people use entracard. I cant say I am the best judgement on this because mommies angels has been open 9 month and my daily traffic varies from 20 views a day to 150 views a day which sucks Id like at least a 100 a day but maybe someday haha I have a lot of followers but not alot of traffic so follower dont really help traffic unless they return

This is very helpful information for me as well. As I am new to this and still learning the technology. Just wanted to say thank you.

My blog name is Life. I invite you to visit it.
Where can I find your blogs? I am clicking on your name, but it gives me only your discussions.
click on the profile picture that should take you to the person's page & their blog should be on it:D
Hi all,

To increase the traffic to your blog, we should help each other. I am looking for more followers in my blog.
Please come and follow me. I will follow you too You can also subscribe, twitter, facebook and grab my button. I will do the same to your blog too.
Here is my blog:

Hi Danielle,

I am pretty new to blogging... But I would have to say so far my experience twitter; I have been with twitter for a short amount of time, and have seen that twitter followers are becoming followers of my blog. Let's not forget this site Mom Bloggers Club; I have got a good amount of followers from this site. Also I would have to agree about comments; always try to leave good comments... I just became a follower of your blog:-) Please become a follower of my two blogs...



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