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How do you do it all?  Twitter, FB, blogging, forums, commenting, linkys, giveaways, etc.


I find myself getting overwhelmed... especially lately.  I find it hard to "shut down" at the end of the day because there is so much more that I want/need to do and learn.


How do you keep up with everything and still take care of the daily stuff around the home?



The Not So Functional Housewife

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I make myself turn everything off at a certain hour.  I have a 'bed time routine' that I try to follow each night (brush teeth, wash face, etc, same time every night).  It has helped me a LOT in getting my mind to turn off, and all the electronics, too.  My house is a mess, the beds aren't made, my kitchen counter is a paperwork graveyard and home to stray crap.  The simple answer is, I don't, I just do what I can and have to be happy with that!

I also have a hard time turning off at the end of the day.  I just have so many ideas and I feel like there's always more to be done.  My goal is to shut down the computer by 5 pm on my days off (when my husband gets home) but often that doesn't happen.


I wrote a couple of articles about being more productive/efficient, maybe those will help:

Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Daily Blogging To-Do List

Thanks for the reply, ladies.  I'm sorry I haven't commented sooner... I've been super busy.


You both have great advice.  I really need to make myself stop at a certain time and just be happy with that.  As well as, happy with what I do or don't get done that day.


Thanks for sharing your articles.  I'm off to read them.

WOW, I thought I was the only one who had these problems.  I am so glad to know it's not just me.  It is very hard to shut it down at a certain time, especially when you have so many things running through your mind.  I feel like I never have enough time to catch up on housework and make everyone happy, all at the same time.  I am going to read the articles now, hopefully I will find a little help.  Good luck to everyone!


Jackie Cirillo

thanks for this question. I too, cannot keep up with what I want and what I need to do.


It helps that I only have one child, I live in a condominium so there is no yard to take care of and I don't worry about my daughter getting out, I wash the dishes just once a day then it has to wait. I make sure I vacuum just once a week, laundry is just once a week. I kind of have a list in my head when things should be done. My apartment is messy most of the time. I have toy bins to make it easier to just pick up and toss to their bins. I stay up at night sometimes to do my blogging duties. I monetized my blog at the start of the year and it has not been very easy.

It sounds like we all sacrifice things to fit blogging into our already busy lives.  For me, it's housework.  I'm trying to automate things with my blogging more so I can find a better balance, but it's definitely tough.
I find myself at the computer sometimes at 3 am. My housework doesn't suffer but I find that I am vacuuming and tweeting at the same time some days. I have an Editorial Calender but then things come up and I have have to shuffle things around. The biggest thing that seems to be starting to help me is to get into the right mindset. I tell myself everyday that this is a job. I have a set of regular office hours and try to take the weekends off. It doesn't always happen that way but I am learning that if I stress out all night over the small details it will cause a heart attack or a stroke. So I force myself to turn off and shut down.

You have to set limits time/energy wise on these things. I use to be on and connected ALL the time but that's not good.  I couldn't really function in all area because I was so tired and over whelmed. After I started setting limits on what was important and really needed my attention then I became better.


Setup up a task list and write down how much time you want to spend on certain things (Twitter, FB, blogging, forums, commenting, linkys, giveaways, etc.)


Hope that advice helps


Nikki @ The Mommy Factor
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I keep a notebook by my bed to jot down any ideas to deal with the next day.


I also keep a list of tasks that I have to do each day.


Since I run so many blogs, each blog gets a scheduled day on which I write on it.


I think it helps that I have three kids and only one computer. Lol.


Thank you for all the replies to let me know that I'm not alone in this.  It does make me feel a bit better.  And thank you to those that listed suggestions to help us out. :)


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