I love to blog and have alot of fun doing it BUT....I want to make some money, too! I currently use Google AdSense and My Savings for ad campaigns, which I utilize but I've only made $10 in 5 months!!! I just started doing product giveaways to drive/increase my traffic.

How can I make money at blogging? Are there some great advertising secrets I am missing? Please help!!!
Oh, and check out my blog called The Thrifty Divas!!!

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you could check out affiliate programs (a lot of companies let you join them as an affiliate, if people buy from them via your site you can earn a %), ad networks, and even direct selling ads.

currently i don't have any ads but i have researched it some in case i decide to add them in the future, it's something i'm considering.
Try You register your blog, they give you a piece of code to insert in your footer file to 'claim' your blog. Once your blog is approved, you'll be able to view a marketplace where paid blogging opportunities are listed on a first come, first served basis. It also has a social networking aspect, once you create your profile, you can send and receive friend requests and meet other like minded bloggers. I'm happy to answer questions any time.
Thanks, I will definitely check it out. Currently, I use My Savings, an ad network.
Great, I already found the site. It looks great and I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the info!!! :)
I am glad that people are giving you their hints on this... I don't know why not much people come forward giving their suggestions, tips, tricks, etc... like if you were going to steal them something! If you make a search on this topic here or somewhere else there is not much said.. like if it was a secret ... Good luck...
I don't blog for money but put some stuff in there to at least buy a cup of coffee ... what can I say... you are lucky you are making $2 a month! lol I do like $0.50 a month! hahahahahaha
If you find the secret... share it along! :D

oh... i am wrong.. this place said a lot about it... hope it helps...
I agree, I don't know why it's such a secret topic! It's like an underground network, LOL.

I appreciate the few tips I have gotten and the Pro Blogger site is great. I actually did look at that a while ago and it has helped.

I have been blogging for fun but now it's time to step it up a notch. I'll definitely share any "secrets" I find! :)
Another thing to keep in mind is to increase your following. Develop relationships with other bloggers and don't limit yourself to only one social circle. Think about everything you are interested in writing about, homeschooling, devotions, TV shows, movie stars, etc. Whatever you're into blogging about, find other social networks and look for these like minded people. Check out all the Ning sites, twitter facebook, blog catalogs, etc. You may also want to check into getting a good blog design and a button that others can snag and link to you. Another good tool to developing hits is StumbleUpon. Get involved in a friendship circle of people who likeyour blog and take turns Stumbling each other's blogs. People who surf via Stumble Upon aren't always keen to you Stumbling your own blog. They want to see reviews from other bloggers like them.
Great ideas! I agree that social networking is important and haven't yet looked at StumbleUpon. I will definately check it out! I am on facebook and lots of other blog networks and am working to create circles of friends/networks there.
here are some threads & pages from MBC that should also help more, I had to find them.

ad networks, affiliates and other info:

more on ad networks & affiliates:

Info on selling ads:

media kit info (goes with selling ads):

hope some of this helps! Good luck.
Wow, thanks for putting time into this!!! I truly appreciate it!
I also wanted to offer a word of caution on giveaways while they give you an increase in traffic they don't normally turn into readership that is consistent because of this bloggers who turn to giveaways to drive traffic often find themselves in a constant cycle of giveaways trying to keep up their traffic & tend to say they are burned out on blogging pretty quickly. Since regular consistent readership is more rewarding in general due to the relationships formed, money or no money. Giveaways are also a lot of work on your behalf for free advertising for a company that could be buying ads & developing a relationship with you, unless it is a product that you just really believe, bought yourself & just want to share. Anyway, I wouldn't use them to drive traffic but to reward your loyal readership & if others come in related to it make sure you are developing a relationship with them so they don't do a post-by (resulting in the cycle of giveaways that cause burnout) but become regular traffic & direct others to your blog.
Thanks for posting this question! You're getting lots of good information from veterans!


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