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When it comes to reading all the wonderful offerings in the blog-o-sphere, how do you go about it?  Do you read a persons blog with every new blog entry?  Or do you visit their blog once a week/ twice a week and catch up?



~Ann Harrison

Ann Again... and again

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I'm a Google Reader junkie, so I'm scrolling through that at least once every day. Sometimes I will log on at night and find 40 new blog posts!! When there is that many, I tend to go blog by blog to get caught up, so I might end up a couple days behind on certain blogs sometimes, but it works for me.
I use Google Reader. I usually am too busy to read every day but I try to check in a couple times per week and go through my feeds. Right now I am subscribed to sooo many blogs and am way backed up. I think I have over 1000 posts to read.

I may need to declare "blog bankruptcy" and just start "mark all read" and start over on reading!!!
I know what you mean!

You'll probably feel better if start over. I'm sure all of your blog writers will understand.
I'm a Google Reader junkie too. I have completely lost track of how many I even subscribe to and there is no possible way I can read every single entry, my rule is to get through 20 a day, but some days that just isn't possible either. Sometimes it takes me a month or two to catch up, but I love so many of them I just can't part with them on my reader.
I follow a ton of blogs. I typically check in every few days or so on my favorites to see what's new.
I love Google Reader.
I check my favorite blogs for new posts and updates on a daily basis. I don't like to get too far behind.


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