Good Morning Everyone! I am very conformable with facebook, instagram and blogger.. Twitter... not so much. I have an account but haven't done much with it. I know it's probably more simple than I'm making it out to be in my head.

What do you recommend to get started really being successful getting your message/posts out on twitter?

Thank you :) 

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I felt the exact same way about Twitter! I still consider myself a beginner for sure. Best thing for me was to just watch for a bit. I had my account set up and started finding people to follow. Watch what they do. Right now I'm only posting maybe 1x a day on Twitter. Most people are posting several times a my goal is to get to that level. I'm also sharing the same content (majority anyways) that I'm sharing on FB. What I've found is many times it is a completely different group of people that follow in each place. Then it's just trial and error. Once you've started posting a few tweets, you will feel more confident. Good luck!

Emily @ Just Playing House

I do not know if this will help, but I started out, by following people I admire and love, I would like there tweets and retweet there tweets along with my tweets of course, but what I realize that does, is people who are also fan of those people you admire will start paying attention to you and may start following you

Hi Jenny! You can try tweeting about topics that are trending.. By doing so your tweets are read by wider audience but not just your followers. Another way to a good start is to use appropriate hashtags which again has chances of more people reading your tweets while searching on that hashtag.

More the readers, more retweets n followers:)
Good luck tweeting!

I am getting much more comfortable with Twitter. I started following people who followed other blogs in my niche. I have heard it is best to follow an 80/20 principal. I try to share 80% other people's content and 20% my content. I use Hootsuite to set up tweets in advance as it will just do it automatically on a schedule. 

I didn't think about doing that. Maybe tweet about something trending and putting your unique hashtag on it. 

One thing you can do that I find helpful, is with Instagram, you can link your Facebook page and your Twitter page to your account and when you post something on there you can choose to post it also on twitter and facebook. That will help with the posts. But make sure you find a hashtag for you specifically and then when people click the hashtag they will see all of the posts on that site that you have posted.

I am fairly new to Twitter as well.

One thing you can do is mingle in related industry areas and as Emily said, see what others are doing in your industry. This alone is a good way to get a feel for how things work. Also try to find guides/articles on using Twitter. Be sure that the information you're finding is up-to-date.

Here is a nice quick and easy guide to using Twitter

I like how Twitter allows messages to be quick and to-the-point. However, I had trouble finding information on creating hashtags. I kept finding information on people saying how easy it was to do, but found nothing on actually creating a unique hashtag. 

Does anyone here know how to do this? I'd love to know. 

Same as Instagram, make sure you incorporate the right hashtags into your posts to draw the attention of people not already following you.

I like to connect my facebook and twitter so save the hassle of having to make multiple posts. 

I'm so bad at twitter.. I never had a personal twitter account. I always just used Facebook and instagram. Think of it as free advertising though, You can posts links and work on your headline skills. A couple people added me to their groups, one was "moms" and one was "blogs and bloggers" and I pretty much just went through and followed everyone and I went from 14 followers to 150+ followers (and an email subscriber) in one day. I also noticed a lot of people will send you a message with a link to their blog. I always post my blog posts to twitter with the featured image. I will also go through and post headlines with links to different pages or posts. Mix it in with actual tweets though, you don't want to be too spammy.


Moms Don't Sleep

retweet to agree what other people say.  Follow people who agree with you or companies you like

A great, easy, way to get started is by re-tweeting.  I teach about our laws and legal system, so I tweet/blog about family, friendly, legal issues.  Often I retweet (age-appropriate) legal stories reported by news organizations. Take a look at my twitter account ( Tina Nelson @LawsuitGame) & you'll see what I'm talking about.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Good luck!

what I love about twitter is you can highlight some part of your contents and then share it on twitter, my facebook page is connected to my twitter, every time I write daily posts on my page or link my blog posts it is automatic to appear on my twitter.

Yes, twitter is definitely a must.


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