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Do you love starting your day with a sweet treat and coffee or with something a little more healthy?

How do you start your day? 

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I wish it was something glamorous like coffee, but I start my day with tummy time and PBS Kids. 

Haha! I remember those days. 

I wake with coffee, healthy breakfast, and screaming children. lol

At least you get your coffee ;)

When my girls were young every morning started with PBS Kids and Nickelodeon. I'm so glad they're teens now, but I admit I miss when they were very little from time to time. 

This week kicked off me trying to wean myself off of bread and sugar, it is a process. So, my breakfasts this week have been protein loaded with coffee (very little sugar). Oh well...........

I am SO sorry. 


Definitely have to start my day with coffee!!

Agree! Starting off with coffee now!

I normally have coffee and smashed avocado on Ezekiel toast…I share the avocado with my 9 month old.  She LOVES it!


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