How long did it take for others to start viewing and commenting on your blog?

Any tips for getting the word out there? Mine is still a work in progress, but I'm always thinking ahead!

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I bumped your question to this thread so you'll receive more answers.

It's been a long time since I first started blogging five years ago. I think I got my first readers within a week or so after starting my blog. Think about blogging as a community. Reach out to other bloggers and they will reach out to you. They'll begin reading your blog and eventually you will have a whole community of friends and loyal readers who stop by your blog every day to read what you have to say.
Forever! But only because I wasn't "promoting" it. For the first couple of weeks I had ZERO. Then by six months I had worked my way up to seven whole readers:) Then I joined MBC and became active in this group and have met so many great friends! I'm probably not the best choice to tell you how to get readers, there are some bloggers here that started getting 100 hits in there first couple of weeks but I would imagine that it takes lots of work.
And I agree with Ali; lots of moms meet other mom bloggers here at the Mom Bloggers Club. It's a great way to get started.
I got my first comment within a week.I'm still new but I'm meeting great moms here( so ditto to what Jennifer said)
At first, I mainly had just family and friends visiting my blog but as I joined more social networking groups, I started getting more hits/views/comments. Also, by visiting other blogs and leaving comments, you'll build your readership even more.
comment, comment, comment.


make sure your comments are great. Don't just visit somebody's blog and say 'great pics, cute kids, come visit my blog here' because 9 times out of 10 you won't get a reciprocal visit. You want to develop a 'relationship' with the person you are reading about. Ask questions, offer advice, you need to get out there and get involved. Join blog parties, meme's being hosted by other blogger and join communities. Twitter is another great way to build followers.

It will take a while, it's not easy unless you have a specialized blog that deals with a topic that isn't common but one that other people are interested in. Some of the big name bloggers have been around for a few years. Try not to compare yourself to others because you may not know how long they have been doing this for.
I belonged to some forums already that dealt with the topic of my blog. mothering, cloth diapering, crafts, and green living.

I added my blog link to my siggy and shamelessly plugged some of the posts I was making that pertained to those topics.

I have also followed other blogs here, used twitter, google friend connect, etc. Mine has been up for a week and I have 15 comments or so. A good number of which are from my friends on the forums but some strangers have come in too!
It took a while. And then I lose people cause I never renew my site in time and have to get a new one. But I think I'm doing good with the one I have now.
The first month no one looked at my blog...but, then, the first month I didn't do anything to get the word out. I was more concerned with developing my content first. I wanted a reason for people to want to read my blog. The second month I joined some other sites and groups and started promoting it. I'm still struggling to find a happy equilibrium between reading and following others' blogs and maintaining my own. I could spend hours reading all the wonderful blogs out there! I try to comment on all the great posts, but I'm not as great about that primarily do to time constraints. I certainly do not wish to be one-sided...I'd like to be a part of a community, not just pushing my own blog.

What I like most is when people take the time to write a response to something I wrote. It's great to read "Great post!" but what I like best is when someone engages and writes about their ideas and what they think. I guess I'm hoping that, with my blog, I'll be part of a dialog rather than just posting and reading others' posts.
It took me a few months to get steady stream of comments on- Dominique's Desk I do have regulars that come in to comment now and then and mostly from meme's that I join and forums which I am part of. :)
I have been blogging for 4 years this month and it took me a while to get 'regular' visits, about 2 weeks or so of regular posting and promoting, but back then the blog scene was so different, lol, I sound so old! I only recently became a mommy (10 months ago) so I am now branching out into the 'mommy blogging' arena and it is like I am a baby again, I hit the field too late LOL All the cliques have been formed and such and the way you market is different now so I am still learnign how to bring in 'mommy's' you know?

On that note, part of my learning was to start a challenge- everyday I post a task for us to complete relating to building readership and at the end of one onth I pick random participants and you win prizes! I would love to have you with me!


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