I've had my blog background/design for a while now. I think it's time for a change. I still like the colors though. And I like the graphics. I'm just wondering if readers get bored seeing the same design month after month.

Do you lose interest in a blog if the design never changes? How long should you keep a blog design?

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Does anyone feel that the look of your blog is kind of your trademark?

I mean, if your blog has been custom designed (i.e. no one else has the same header, images, etc) - is it wise to change up too drastically? For instance, Pink Lemonade just went through a huge format change in June, but we kept the same colors, logos, header, etc - it was mostly just a format change.

I kind of feel that our header/logo & color scheme are things that when readers visit they definitely know they're in the right place and I wouldn't change them just because I might get bored with them.

Just my 2cents...
I keep my overall design the same, but I switch out my header every month. However, to maintain some continuity with my header, I keep a rounded square with my photo in it on the right hand side.

I am a tweakaholic, so I really really REALLY have to restrain myself from messing with my blog. The switching out of my headers seems to satisfy my addiction. So far.
Hi Ann, yes...I am excited about the changes. The header image definitely was sort of an HMP image at first, I should say. I thought I was the only one who had it. Then some newer blogs came out with exactly the same or similar image. So the uniqueness was gone.

Anyway, I might take the tips from the other commenters here in terms of not changing the whole blog design too drastically. Maybe I will keep the color schemes. :)

Thank you for this great discussion. I'm learning a lot of new blog stuff from you all.
Interesting subject.
I love the aesthetics of my blog - but sometimes I wish there were some changes in the body I have 2 widget columns on the left, vs one on each side... so sometimes I feel like I haven't nailed it down yet.

That said - when Facebook makes a change, there is a small uproar. People like to know how to navigate their way around. If you have something that is working well.... I would be cautious and get a lot of input... like I'm the expert!?!
Hiya... I change the colours and modify my header/background to reflect each season. I have a basic header design, but change the images in photoshop at the beginning of spring/summer/autumn/winter.
I coordinate the colours and use a matching free background from
I recently added a third column as it helps me to arrange my related links better.
I like colourful but clean. It's all home-made just using photoshop and a minima blogger template (and shabbyblogs b/g)
I'll also do a special "look" for christmas.

Have a look if you want, see what you think...?

I think as a personal blog it's yours to do as you see fit, just as you'd understand someone else you visit alot doing whatever they see fit with their space. However if it's like a social blog, then consideration for the readers you do have is necessary. But still it should be a design that you love...shoot you can even get your readers in on it by asking them to vote for this face or that :)


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