I am just wondering out of curiosity. Yes, I am new to this so please correct me if I am wrong. The way that blogs make money is by people clicking on their ads, correct? I am wondering how many people click on ads on a regular basis?

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I click on them if it is something that interests me or if it is an ad catchy enough to catch my eye. I don't click on a regular basis though. Everyday I may click through 2 ads a day average. I think the Bloggers who have ads make most from google search through readers. The everyday readers and other Bloggers probably don't click through ads that often. I could be wrong ... Ladies?
You make money off things like Google Adsense but not necessarily off affiliate ads or Amazon ads. Those you generally make money if they buy something through clicking on it. I click on things that look interesting. Occassionally I am bored and I click just to help other people out.

I very rarely click on ads, and only if it's a blogger I "know" and trust. But I'm a marketer...
Nope, not an ad clicker. Don't think I've ever clicked on an ad. That's the biggest reason I don't have them on my site.
Mostly not an ad clicker
I think you're right. As a blogger I know what the ads are and am less likely to click. Before I started blogging I used to 'click through" on interesting ads after doing a search. I do it sometimes now if the ad is something I'm looking for or looks interesting, but there are also so many viruses attached to certain things that it makes me leary. I would love to hear from some of the people "rockin it" with affilliates to find out what they do to not only get people to click, but to buy. I just started using affilliates and admit I'm still doing research. My Dad actually called me about a wine I was promoting and he decided to order a case. I would have made $25 if he had ordered using my link, but he decided to order by phone instead.
I think Mommy Bloggers aren't big clickers. Niche blogs that focus on main topics that draw in flyby traffic will get the clicks, not social traffic.
This is an interesting topic. Many bloggers think that just putting up lots of banners and buttons for affiliate programs will help you make money online. Fact is that they rarely make anything!

If use right you can make money yes, but it takes more than just putting up lots of banners in the sidebar. You need to work it into your blog posts, create trust, reasons for clicking, engage.


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