I know that this may seem like a simple question, but how many posts do you have displayed on your front page? I have went between having five to having ten. And then I have gone to some blogs that have up to fifty posts on their main page.

What is too many for you?

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I started with 7 which I think is the default amount for blogspot. I am now down to only 4 because my blog was loading slower than I liked so I wanted to have less to load. I don't think there is one right amount, a lot depends on the length of your posts.
Interesting question Shynea. I am interested to see what other bloggers choose to do on their sites.

I think I have seven on my main page. I want there to be a variety to topics and posts when a new visitor stops by on my front page, but I don't want the page to take forever to load. I am not always likely to look through posts that aren't on the main page the first time I visit a blog, I usually check out what is on the first page and decide if I am interested enough to come back.
I have ten posts on my front page. I'll have to keep an eye out on the loading issue though. If it starts to be a problem, I'll decrease the amount.
I have 5 on mine, and that's a lot since I write a lot, most of the time. But soemtimes, I don't, and this makes it so that I don't have the neverending sidebar but no content.
I have 7 I think. They are often photo heavy and not having the fastest connection in the world myself I hesitate to add more & slow up the load time.
On my blog that goes over blogger I have 7 and on my blog that goes over my hosting I have 25 !




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