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Six Things You Need to Know Before Trying CrossFit

Have you made the decision to be more physically active and give a new sport a try? Are you looking to inject a little fun, interest, and challenge into your routine? If so, then there’s a good chance that CrossFit…

A Regular Babysitter Is What Every Mom Needs

Moms need a babysitter. It's a fact that has been proven time and time again. Moms can only handle so many tasks at hand.  

As it is, taking care of the kids is a handful already; add to that the household chores and errands moms need to do as well. If moms don't get any…

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How Moms Can Encourage Their Teens To Use Social Media In Constructive Manner?


In the beginning days of social media, it was considered that parents should keep their kids especially teens away from it. I remember, parents were hesitating to give smart devices to their teens, but now, the use of social media and smart devices has common in kids of all ages. So, if you can't order our teens to stop using social media, then you should try to teach them regarding the use of social networking sites and apps in a positive manner.

Here, I am going to tell you some tips:

One of the most used social media sites is YouTube and moms should encourage their teens to upload their talent there. Mayhap your teens are better at dancing, singing or good at making art then you can motivate them to display their talent on YouTube.

On the other hand, if your teens are good at making animated videos or writing blogs, then you should support them to showcase their skills on social media. 

I know a number of our teens are very good at doing businesses. Isn't a better idea to motivate them to start a shop on Facebook? 

In brief, social media encourages teens to be innovative and creative in many ways but I discussed only a few ways to energize teens, but you will find a number of ways to use social media constructively. 


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