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Either you are a mother of a school going kid or a preschool toddler who is ready to start his schooling, it is always your prime goal to improve writing and reading skills of them. In this thread, I am going to share a few useful tips to improve reading and writing skills of kids according to my experience. 

First of all, if you are confused between the importance of reading and writing and willing to rank them due to their necessity, then you are wrong because according to educationist both are equally crucial for your kid.

In this regard, if we talk about writing skills, then you need to build an engaging workplace to perform writing activity at your home to motivate your kid. Yes, you can use interesting pens, pencils and papers to increase children's interest in writing. For example, if you are the mother of a boy and he loves to play cars, then the design of pencils, erasers and even notebooks should be similar to his interest. The same thing you can try for other kids according to their likes and dislikes. 

Similarly, you can encourage your kid to write not only for academic purpose but also for home tasks etc. Likewise, you can ask him to write a letter to the grandmother on her upcoming birthday or writing a note for dad for his/her shopping wishlist. All in all, such things wouldn't only enhance your kid's vocabulary but also improve his/her writing skills.

Moreover, it is also significant to write on paper instead of writing on the screens all the time. Yes, if a kid has poor handwriting, then you should try to find its reason at first, and this blog about bad handwriting reasons could be helpful in this regard. Indeed, good handwriting matters because for many tests, the scores are also calculated on the basis of handwriting. That's why I would suggest you to emphasize on writing at paper instead of using gadgets like laptops and tablets.

On the other hand, reading skills also very important, and I would suggest my fellow mothers to start reading aloud at home. Of course, I am not talking about reading your personal stuff aloud, but I am talking about the stories and positive news that you can share with your kids. Likewise, you can read one story for your kid at night, and next time, you should ask your son or daughter to read the same story for you. 

In the same token, if you want to build multilanguage reading skills in your kids, then you should start it from preschool to grade 3 or 4. Yes, it is always sound great that your kid can read different languages like French, German and Russian etc. At the first stage, you should build listening habits in your kids, and the use of such translation devices could be a good idea. It could be a fun activity to hear a cartoon scene in German and then listen to it again with the use of the translation device. No doubt, it would assist your kid in understanding the mean of multilingual words.

I would also suggest mothers to make a regular reading and writing routine for your children and never give up if your kid is not taking an interest. Keep in mind, each kid is different; that's why you need to deal with them in different ways. The books and writing stationery for their exciting and your participation would make a win-win situation for your, but real hard work would be required.

Hopefully, these tips would work, but if you have more useful tricks to engage kids in writing and reading, then you can share by commenting below!

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