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Dear Moms,
My blog started because for the last year I've been in amazing situations with my mommy friends here in Paris and I kept thinking that the info was just too juicy and had to be shared. So the "La Mom" blog was born recently.

From my research, most mom blogs are about kids, contests, sharing recipes, etc . I haven't found anything dishy yet. I thought combining dish and kids in beautiful Paris could be interesting, but now I'm feeling bad about the dish part.

So how much dish is too much?

FYI - I change all identities and try to change certain details of my stories so as not to out anybody here in Paris.

Merci for your input,
La Mom

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I say keep the dish coming. I can't really dish because a bunch of the people I know read my blog and would know that I was talking about them right off the bat so I stick to kids, recipies and me. But I love to hear your stories (so much more exciting then my colorado life). Maybe I will have to start a blog under a secret identity...if anything interesting starts happening to me.
I think its all good, if your just telling a story and use aliases! hehe
Keep the dish. It's what will make your blog unique. Figure out the line you don't want to cross, but dishing will give your blog character. So, yes! I totally agree with Catherine. Keep the dish coming.
Thanks moms for your input. Looks like the dish is here to stay!
Yay! I enjoy the dish--and your new playlist!

La Mom said:
Thanks moms for your input. Looks like the dish is here to stay!
I agree, write what you want. My favorite blogs don't follow any rules or codes of conduct, they write about true life...and that is always way more fun that recipes and diaper stories:)


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