How Much Time Do You Devote to Commenting on Other Blogs?

How much time do you devote to commenting?
Do you have a list of comment buddies?
Do you comment on a daily basis?
Do you feel guilty if you don't comment as regularly as you think you should?

I'm dealing with an infection now and just posting the bare minimum to keep my blog fresh. For the last week or so I've been unable to read other blogs and comment due to blurry vision and I feel horrible (like I'm letting my bloggy friends down).

Is this normal? Am I being stupid?

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I really enjoy reading other peoples posts and commenting so I think I probably spend too much time commenting. There are times when I put off doing things on my blog so that I can comment on others...I know backwards right?

I don't have a list of comment buddies but I do have friends that I try to visit first. I do comment on a daily basis unless I decide to take a day off, can't get to the computer, or I'm sick or something. I do kind of feel guilty if I can't make it around, but I think that people understand that there is no way that you can comment on 100% of their posts 100% of the time.

Don't feel bad. "Real" life has to come first.
I have a bunch of blogs that I read DAILY and I almost always comment.... I feel guilty if I have not checked them out and commented. I know how much I like seeing people reading and commenting on mine... I hope you feel better!
I try to comment everytime I visit blogs, provided I have something constructive to say. I may visit a site daily but I don't necessarily leave a comment each time I visit. Empty comments are not useful to any blogger.

I'm pretty new to blogging so I'm not sure what a comment buddy is.
I am farily new to blogging but I think I have developd a nice list of blogging friends and "comment buddies" . I try to comment them as often as I read their posts and when I don't hear from them for a few days, I wonder what's wrong...(usually it is illness)

Hope you feel better soon!
I barely ever get to read alot of blogs lately so if I see a post someone mentions on Twitter I may run over and comment but other than that I have no time. I hate this too but work must come first. It after all pays the bills.
I know, I know, I struggle with the same thing. I just don't have time to read blogs. I know that my traffic would increase if I had the time to go out and comment a lot, but you do what you can. I know ladies who wake up early early in the morning just to find the time to read blogs and comment before they head to work and start the day, but dude, I need my sleep, so that's not happening.
I don't comment as much as I should probably.
But a lot of my readers are people I've been friends with for a long time.
So they don't get hurt if I don't leave them a comment.
I don't think you should have to always leave a comment on someone's blog just because they left you a comment.
I know people come to read my blog and don't leave a comment. And that's ok.
If they enjoyed the topic I write about, they'll leave a comment. Or maybe not. But that's ok. I don't fret.
I blog because I enjoy it. I don't expect comments. I blog because I like to look back a year or two from now and read about what was going on in my life or what my thoughts were.

So comments are nice. But not needed. And I do the same with people I visit. If their entry touched me and there's something I want to share with them, I do. If not, I just skip it. Otherwise my comment just doesn't sound sincere. =/
I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and commenting. But if I don't get around to it I don't feel guilty. And I often read other's blogs without commenting, sometimes I just don't have anything intelligent to say about the topic. I'm ok with that, I don't just comment just so my name/blog is "out there". I don't think of commenting as a form of advertisement, although I know it can be.
You shouldn't feel bad. Everyone understands that some times "real life" take priority especially if you're not feeling well. Take care of yourself and your true blogging friends will still be there when you return. Take care!
I'm new to blogging and there are so many blogs out there that I have been busy finding the right ones for me. I have left comments here and there, but probably not as many as some people. I spend about 5 hours a day right now looking at things. My new blog isn't getting very many comments, but that is okay. Mom always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I would rather no one comment - the posts that do get comments help me decide what to keep and what to get rid of, therefore I only make comments on things I would like to see more of...

Does that make sense?

When someone comments on my blog, I always make sure to make it to their blog. I also spend at least an hour each day visiting blogs and commenting.
I think blogging should be done without the obligation to comment unless you are building a business in which case you need traffic. I sometimes will visit 50 different blogs and I read all of their latest posts but I don't leave a message simply because the message didn't require one or many others already said what I though about saying. I hope no one gets their feelings hurt. Personally, I don't like it when people just leave a quick irrelevant comment just to get me to visit their site -- that's so annoying you can tell they didn't even read my post.

Maybe people should install a visitors widget so they can see whose been visiting. I know many people can see when I've updated my blog so if the topic is of interest to them they will read and leave a message if not, that's OK too. You are not letting anyone down but you are adding undue stress to yourself...that's unnecessary so stop worrying about the blog friends and take care of yourself so you can get back to blogging and commenting only when you feel like it.

Just my opinion...get well soon.


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