How Much Time Do You Devote to Commenting on Other Blogs?

How much time do you devote to commenting?
Do you have a list of comment buddies?
Do you comment on a daily basis?
Do you feel guilty if you don't comment as regularly as you think you should?

I'm dealing with an infection now and just posting the bare minimum to keep my blog fresh. For the last week or so I've been unable to read other blogs and comment due to blurry vision and I feel horrible (like I'm letting my bloggy friends down).

Is this normal? Am I being stupid?

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The people I follow I follow because I enjoy their blog. I check my dashboard everyday and comment on those people first. I guess you can call them my comment buddies. hehe. Its the same group of ladies and they comment on my blog as well. Catherine is one of them! hehe

I try to search around and find more fun reads and comment when I can. But yes, I have those days where I cant get around to commenting or even checking my own blog. I will usually catch up later though.
I try to comment one everything I enjoy reading. I don't have a buddies list, but all the blogs on my google reader - I probably comment on half of them. I try on a daily basis, I don't make a point of it though, life comes first. I don't feel guilty about it.

I must say that it is annoying commenting on a person's blog all the time and they never comment on yours.
I don't hardly ever do this anymore. I know that's BAD, but Twitter has changed the way I read blogs. I now am more likely to read a blog if it is tweeted about rather than if it is in my feedreader. I use my feedreader for when I am bored and that's not often so it's overflowing now.

I know this is bad! Sorry !
I comment when I have something to say - when a topic strikes me, when I can really relate to someone's personal experience, when a post makes me laugh or really think or when it's an interesting debate. That's usually four or five times a day, but I'm pretty talkative. Some days, I'm so slammed it's nothing.

What I'm more likely to do lately, though, is retweet a link, tweet it independently or post a link on my own site. I recently started a side blog on my site just for this purpose, as well as for short anecdotal posts
(200 words or less. My usual post runs 350 and up). I'll run into a post I like during the day or information I think is valuable and I'll throw it into my side blog. It gives the other person's work more prominence than a tweet plus it gives them a valuable permanent link.

I agree with you, Alyssa, about Twitter changing my blog-reading habits. I still subscribe to WAY too many blogs, both on reader or by email, but much of the time, I catch it in a tweet or Facebook feed.
I don't have a set time when I comment. I try to go through my reader daily and leave comments on any posts I find interesting. I also try to visit anyone who left me a comment, but there have been time where it took me a week or two to visit back. Life comes first for me... my 9 month old won't wait, but a blog will.
I comment when the spirit moves me, but I read most blogs in Google Reader so it really has to be something great for me to click through and comment!
I try to find time to do this. I'm hoping to do it more often. I love to look around, but with the 3 kids and writing my blog, couponing and cleaning our home, time is very limited!
I do have a list of blogs that I read daily and comment on. Most of the blogs in my blogroll are the ones I read on a daily basis, with the exception of the few that aren't updated very often (but when they do update, I'm right there reading!!). And I always go back and comment on those people's blogs who comment on mine. But sometimes I can't get around to it (esp on the weekends) and I don't allow myself to feel guilty. I think we all understand that we all have busy lives, outside of blogging.

Try not to feel have a life outside of blogging and of course we all understand those priorities have to come first!

Hope you feel better soon!
If you don't have time its as simple as that. There is no need to feel guilty. As mothers we all know we have things to take care of and computer time never comes first!
I'm sure you're much better now lol. I try and comment each day because the bloggers I seem to have in my reader are producing so many posts per day and during the week you can get backed up. I don't always and don't fret over it. There are some I read all the time and some I seem to comment on all the time.

I tweet much more than I comment. I feel that's a way of commenting too.

I comment when I feel I have something to contribute and it interests me.
i love comments, and i always make it sure to comment back to my blog readers. i always comment on blogs whenever I visit them, even just a simple thank you note for visiting my blog. :-)


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