I have been struggling lately with how much time to put into my blog.  I love blogging.  I am just not sure how much time I want to put into it.  I have a very busy life with full time work, family, and life.  Right now blogging is my hobby, but eventually I would love for it to be more than that.  The question is will it ever become more than a hobby if I don't put a ton of time into it?  I like to think it is all about content, but Is it really all about content or do you have to spend loads of time networking with things like Twitter, McLinky, etc.  I would love to hear others opinions on this.

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I am in the same boat as you. I try to write out as many post on the weekends when the kids are napping or at night after they go to bed. I do keep a journal with me throughout so i can write out thoughts during the week. I don't get a lot of time to actually blog during the week. And when I do get time I am totally exhausted.

However, I do think that if you want your blog to grow to more than just hoppy you do need to put in a lot of time. Because as much as we want to think it is all about content I think you also have to spend a lot of time promoting yourself as well.

Not sure if I was helpful.
I agree, it all takes time. However, I guess it all depends on what you want out of your blog...which I am still trying to figure out. I can't help but wonder how so many people seem to have so much time to dedicate to their blogs. I would love to hear from people about how you fit it all in. Especially those who are working full-time jobs on top of it all. How do you do it?
Dalia, what a good question!!

i struggled with this for awhile and still do sometimes. like you, my blog is something i love and that's why i do it. but what is your goal, your mission?? are you just looking to write great content? or are you looking for so many hits or whatever.

like right now, i could probably be sleeping, but i'm going to get a quick blog post in. but, here's the deal... you HAVE to find the right balance or you will fry yourself. for a while i was doing everything in my power to make sure i had a blog post for the day and i fried myself out. I still do make sure i have a post, but under totally separate circumstances. when i'm short on time, i post a picture w/ few words. you have to make it work for you, don't work for your blog. I have some great blog tips on my blog from last week if you look.

i'm a full time working mom. I spend probably 1 hour a day (less some days more other days) actually on my blog... writing, changing the layout, etc. i spend other time reading and commenting on blogs. remember, no one will see your blog if you don't promote it somehow. so people have to either be searching google and find you, or find you thru another blog or twitter or something. but to be honest, i don't get a ton of click throughs from twitter. so you still have to make it work. it takes time..

but first, define your mission and goal and go from there. my mission is to be a resource for moms, especially working moms, to share, vent, laugh and come together... so far, it's getting there... slowly
I don't think you should ever force yourself to put more time into your blog if you don't already have that time - you will burn out fast, and the fun will be gone.

Some days I get maybe an hour in, some days 2-3, and there are a few days that I get lucky and may get extra time on top of that. It's rare that I get a lot of time together - I might answer an email here, write up a few thoughts for a post there, etc. I consider everything from writing posts, to reviewing items since I do that, to networking to being part of my blogging. I don't consider visiting other blogs to be a part of it though, that's just fun, and I'd be doing that whether or not I had my own blog! :)
Honestly, the blogging part is easy, as in, just the writing part. Of course, I'm just a mommy blogger. An hour or two a day is quite doable. Its the networking part that's hard for me. I can find time to blog but its takes A LOT of time to network.
Commenting on people's blog who comment on yours takes a lot of time! Everyone LOVES comments, but sometimes its just so hard to reach out when you have screaming kids, dirty diapers, dishes, etc.
It is hard to find a good balance.
I usually spend 20 hours a week on the blog--this includes going to events. It adds up quickly. Be sure to spend your time wisely. I'm turning down more and more events to focus on writing and development.
Hmm. I'd have to guess minimum 3 hours a day, sometimes 5 or more. That's not just blog posting but keeping up with social media, visiting other blogs, researching posts etc...

I'd love my blog to be more than a hobby and I'm working on that right now.
Good set of questions.

For the most part, blogging is my writing hobby -- a very serious hobby. Would I love for it to become more? Of course! I'd love to be one of those success stories; SAHM mom blogger gets a book deal, tv show, magazine gig, professional blogging job, etc.

I focus on content -- in my five years of blogging, I've held one contest and written one review. I learned that type of writing just wasn't my thing. For me, it's all about the story, the weaving of words, rhythm, and figurative language.

But, I don't want to just keep it for own reading pleasure. Remember those "dream goals" I listed? Yeah, that won't happen if I just stay in my own little world. To be noticed, you really do have to put yourself out there (via social networking, commenting, etc.), have good content, and make sure you are posting regularly.

As far as the time factor goes, some weeks I spend HOURS blogging, commenting, and networking. Other weeks, I don't have that luxury thanks to "Real Life." Do I worry about it? Eh. Yes and no. Over the years, I have found that it is very easy to get back in . . . even if you take weeks or months off (as I did during my recent pregnancy).
I probably spend over 30 hours a week on my blog and its not THAT big. I think some get lucky and make the right person laugh or cry or whatever and they hit it "big" without a huge investment of time but for the most part I think to grow you will have to put in the time.


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