I have been reading though some awesome posts about pro-blogging, getting paid to write, ghost write, etc.  Anyone care to share more information on all of this to a new blogger?  How to get started, other forums/site to fing gigs, how to get paid to review products on your blog?  I have NO idea where to begin!


Thanks in advance!


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Chrissy....thank you so much for asking this question...I have the same questions.  I have been blogging for a year and would like to turn it into "work-at-home-mom" status.  I'm hoping to learn a lot.



Have you tried Social Spark? Here is my referral link to sign up:

This is a sponsored post site where you get offers from companies to do a little blurb about their product. It only has to be 200 words so they are quick and easy to do. I have made about $45 in the last few weeks. I'm not sure how much it is to cash out but I'm going to wait until I have enough to do a blog design :). Check it out, it's super easy

I have found that the best way to do this is to drive traffic to your site.  When you have enough traffic they will come to you offering to pay!  blog blog blog, network, guest blog, do link exchanges...anything to drive traffic.  Then your blog will become your business.


Hope that helps!

I agree, linking up to other sites and also visiting other blogs and COMMENTING will get you a long way!  Sign up for some groups like Bloggy Moms, Pitch It To Me, and The Product Review Place to get new followers and find out about great opportunities.  If you visit my blog and scroll down on my sidebar, I have a bunch of things listed under 'Sites I Work With' and they are all really great resources and ways to grow your blog!  And as far as product reviews, just ASK.  I email companies all the time, and even when I didn't have that many followers some of the companies still said yes.  It's just going to take some time, but it's a lot of fun!



Thanks, Ashley...I visited your page and looked at your "Sites I Work With"...I joined two of the groups you have listed...I'll research the others you have listed partner has emailed so many sites that do not respond....we've been blogging for over a year....yours is a great site, by the the pictures


Shari...I feel like we've been blogging a lot...we have traffic but not in the numbers that others discuss...I've been trying to guest blog and link exchanges but not much seems to be coming from that...what are good numbers for advertising? you feel that Social Spark is effective?  I went to the site and was a little skeptical because of the immediate request for Pay Pal info....


This information has been so helpful...I am so grateful to Chrissy for posting the question...



Carole Denise


chat a little chat




This is real helpful! I've only been blogging regularly since early 2010, so I'm new to all this.


Shari: I joined a blogging community last year,, but so far, traffic's been low. I really only got more traffic (but nothing incredible) after joining MBC.

Ashely: I'm going to check out some of those sites you mentioned.

Nirra: Is Social Spark time-consuming, in your opinion? I'm a bit skeptical about outright product reviews like this. I still want my blog to maintain some kind of personal flavor.

Hi everyone, starting Tuesday I am running Darren Rowse from Pro-Blogger's "31 Days to Build a Better Blog" you can find out more here:

Feel free to check out my blog. I post blogging jobs on there when I come across them and the ProBlogger job board is alos a great place to find them. I work as a freelance writer for several sites(Demand Studios, Interactive Media, Internet Brands, and many times if you can show you have writing experience elsewhere as well as your own blog you are more likely to get a paid blogging job.


You are very welcome Denise!

Carole Denise said:

This information has been so helpful...I am so grateful to Chrissy for posting the question...



Carole Denise


chat a little chat




Thank you everyone for commeting so far, I am looking into all of the other sites and links!  All the info is much appreciated!!


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