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As a mother of two kids, I am witnessed by the erratic heartbeat during pregnancy. The standard heart rate of a person is about to 60 to 80 per minute, but during pregnancy, it reaches 100. In this thread, I am going to share a few practical tips to avoid heart palpitation.

Consult with Doctor: At the first stage, whenever you feel irregular heartbeat during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor. If the doctor prescribes any test, then you should follow it. However, if the doctor finds everything healthy or thing dangerous, then you can control this problem by following natural remedies listed below:

Drink More Water: Yes, dehydration causes the erratic heart rate among pregnant ladies. So, it is advised to stay hydrated to avoid this problem.

Avoid Stimulants: Various kind of beverages, drinks and food causes the fast heartbeat that's why it is significant to avoid excess use of alcohol, cough medications, caffeinated beverages and drinks, fast food and high blood pressure medicines in this condition.

Self-Synchronization Technique: This probably a straightforward method to control erratic heartbeat instantly and naturally. You can discover more about this MasterBeat Self-Synchronization method here

Vagal Manoeuvres: It is also a conventional treatment that is being recommended by physicians and medical experts to control palpitations. It may include the application of ice on the face by holding the nose with a closed mouth. You can read more about this here

Don't Take Stress: Stress is another common reason behind the irregular heartbeat. I would suggest to pregnant ladies to be happy and stress-free during pregnancy as possible as they can do. 

In short, I tried my best to share a few useful tips to get rid of irregular heartbeat during pregnancy, but you are open to sharing more tips and suggestions with me. You can also share your personal experiences as well. 

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