I am trying hard,but no LUCK:(:(

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Write quality content and network with other bloggers!
I am....Lets c when i succeed.
Thanks for reply heather.
There are millions and billions or ways and advice and tips out there. I can say this is an awesome place to start. There's so many awesome women on here, awesome blogs! Visit them, talk to others. Plant that seed. It may take you longer than others, Some may get it really fast but first and foremost, get active and involved, visit other sites, join, add, follow, communicate, introduce yourself. Before you know it you will find so many ideas and things you have done and can do you won't know what to do with it all! I just recently started mine and if I get discouraged and quit, Then it is what it is. But, I HAVE to find a way lol. I love people, I love learning, I love helping others learn what I have learned and grow. It's exciting. Don't focus too much on what you don't have. Focus on what you have to offer and get it out there. Everything else will follow!
I totally agree with Heather providing quality content and connecting with your audience will increase your blog following. Interacting in forums and providing others with advice or a solution to their problem is a bonus. Be patient and consistent and it will all come together.

Another question are you getting traffic to your site and also are you providing offers?


LaKeisha Hankins
I just asked this question of a few blogger friends recently. I got lots of the same tips listed here already. Good content, commenting on other blogs, networking with other bloggers, and having a few giveaways seems to help increase traffic (and all of that is FUN to do anyway)! I've got SO much to learn, and I appreciate what the other ladies have shared here as well!
I'm full of cliche's tonight so here goes another - write about what you love. Your passion will show through.

That said, promote each post in a venue or forum that is filled with folks of similar interests. For example: I write a lot about art &, so I make a point of promoting etsy artists. Then I toot my own horn (& theirs) in the etsy forums & in the online art groups i belong to.

One thing I have noticed in the last 8 months or so is that a lot of my followers are also on facebook & they sometimes comment there or in our art groups & not on the blog.

I also like to participate in memes like musical monday or wordless wednesday. A handful of the folks I comment on comment back & some become followers.

Another bit of advice I have received (but haven't tried) is to get a bunch of people who will stumble each other.

And as mentioned earlier, there is a great bunch of people & groups here. Every one is just so darn nice & helpful
What I would like is for more people to comment after they follow. So many times, they click follow then don't come back. I do that sometimes, too, but I always go back to the ones I love, so I guess I need to work harder on writing posts the audience will find interesting and come back for more. This was a great question!
Visiting lots of blogs and commenting!
Yup- it's extremely time consuming, but you have to do it!

BTW- I'm having a holiday blog hop on December 10th on my mom blog, Come on Home

Decorate your blog for the holidays...include a recipe and holiday story or family tradition.

Tell us what's on the menu for your "guests".....

On December 15th, I am having a holiday party on my radio show Get Bizzy Blogging

We will be announcing the winners of the Best decorated blog, best recipe and best holiday story....

Listeners can call in, give us their name, biz or blog URL and a holiday greeting! Your information will also be included on the radio show's blog.

Go there and check out the older shows....this is a new venue for me, and there have been a few road bumps, but I'm really having fun with this!

You never know, I may ask YOU to be the next person I interview on the show!
Thanks ladies for the wonderful suggesstions,they are indeed helpful and supportive.
Good luck to all.
Have fun with blogging.



Writing quality content is one but you also have to get out there and start talking to other bloggers and really promoting yourself and your blog on and off line.  I wrote and article that may help you out at my Mom Blogger Basics page.  I know for me I started my one blog in mid Sept and now it is Dec and I have over 400 followers.  It happened fast it didn't happen over night but what I found was that through great content, networking, blog hops and even giveaways my followership really increased.  A good combination of things can equal a great recipe for a successful blog.


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