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A proper heating system is significant for every house especially moms try to keep their heaters, fireplaces and other heating sources on to keep their kids heated. However, many moms ignore to take precautionary measures and don't try to make their fireplaces baby proof but here, I am going to share some interesting tips with you to make your fireplace safe for your baby:

First of all, mothers shouldn't buy a free-standing fireplace screen and prefer to get a fixed fireplace because free-standing fireplace could be easily pulled by kids. 

In additions, mothers should install a baby gate around the fireplace to keep their kids away from it.

If you are using a gas fireplace, then the exposure of carbon monoxide could be harmful to kids till the age of 19. So, it is good if you also install a CO detection and alarming device in this regard. Otherwise, mothers should go with electric heaters and here, you can see the review of good electric heaters

In this discussion, I share only a few precautionary measures with you, but you are open to sharing some more possible preventions with us.

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