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Since a few years, I am noticing that the problem of gestational diabetes is increasing among pregnant ladies. Yes, you can call it diabetes only because according to American Diabetes Association, a lady who diagnoses diabetes for the first time in life during pregnancy could be gestational diabetes which could occur due to high blood sugar levels. Probably, mothers face high glucose levels because their body uses entire insulin that is required due to pregnancy, and there is no insulin left to manage the glucose levels of the body.

According to medical experts, the age, weight, ethnicity and genetic issues lead gestational diabetes in pregnancy, but as a pregnant lady, you still have a chance to treat it inappropriate manner without harming your child. In this discussion, I am going to share some suggestions to treat this problem.

First of all, you need to enhance your physical activity because when you walk or do any exercise, your body uses glucose and in this way, the blood sugar level declines. These physical activities would only help you in managing diabetes in pregnancy, but you can also overcome stress, control your body weight and support your heart health. 

Similarly, diet is crucial to control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy. You need to take care of these three things about eating:

What to Eat?
How Much to Eat?
When to Eat?

If it is tough for you to determine these things your own then it is better to act upon the advice of Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) or get a diet plan from Registered Dietitian (RC). 

On the other hand, you also wouldn't forget to check your insulin levels gradually. In this regard, you can use glucose testing strips like these, and it is better to get them in bulk if you have this problem. Because if you get them in bulk then you would able to get a discount on them and for sure, you can also sell diabetic supplies like this after having a baby. To manage insulin levels in the body, your doctor can also prescribe you any medication that you can use to treat gestational diabetes. 

Gestational diabetes usually goes away after delivery. Yes, after 6 weeks of delivery you should visit your doctor to check the blood sugar levels, and you would see it is normal again. However, you should only follow the suggestions of your doctor to manage it during and after pregnancy. 

You can also share your views and suggestions to treat gestational diabetes in pregnancy by commenting below. 

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