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I am "under fire" at my kid's school about writing a blog-would love some support!

Apparently my son's elementary school office is up in arms about my blog mentioning them. As in they royally screwed up, I wrote a post about it, and another about how they are fixing it. So I wrote a post addressing the craziness, and would love some support from the mom bloggers out there! Just a comment in the post if you support a mom bloggers voice would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link...

The school got their act together and got him his trophy!

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I believe the entire nature of blogging is that it is your opinion and your entitled to it. Like I wrote in the response post on my blog, if you are upset over what I wrote take a look at your behavior-because all I'm doing is writing what happened!

That being said, got the news today that Tuesday is the big day and Gabriel will get a legit trophy and be honored at the closing awards assembly for the year. Wohoo! Shall absolutely blog about it! Threatening hubby to wear a shirt that says "be nice to me or i'll write about it on my blog!"
Excited to report that my son will be receiving a proper trophy tomorrow! Nervous about going into the "lion's den" to watch him get it!



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