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People blog for a variety of reasons. Why do you blog?

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It opens doors to others' opinions and I love hearing them.
I blog to share my thoughts with my family and friends - new and old. I blog to document my life for myself. I blog because I love it!
I love to write and share my thoughts. It gives me a little intellectual stimulation amidst my conversations with my 11 month old :-)

When I initially started blogging it was because I'd heard that there's money to be made as a blogger. Then the more i thought about it the more I realized it could also be a good way to polish my writing skills and build an audience. I also blog because I hope to share some of my knowledge with others and connect with other women.
I enjoy reading what others have to say and making some mom friends.
I started blogging thinking I'd write posts about the projects I'm working on and things like that. As I got further into school and trying to make a few improvements in my life, I've found myself writing more about the challenges and roadblocks that keep cropping up. Writing about them in my blog about them usually helps me to put them in perspective and see my next steps, while also giving a more honest voice to the frustrations that hurt the feelings of those closest to me. Also, I kind of hope that others out there having the same sort of struggles will be able to read it and maybe not feel quite so alone.
I love having a forum where I can write and speak my mind about whatever happens to be on my mind. I censor my words to avoid offending others, but I don't have to kowtow to a boss or corporation about what I'm saying on my blog, because it's a very personal activity for me - that just happens to be broadcast to anyone with an internet connection. Of course, most of THEM don't care. ;)
It's cheaper than therapy and I feel sane. Good to know other women and moms deal with the same issues. I also love the fact I can network with other women all the time because the virtual network never has a conflicting schedule. We can all chat, comment, and tweet one another at all times, definitely a great way to connect when moms can't leave the house or find a sitter for a GNO.
I blog because it is an easy way for me to vent my creativity. I used to use blogging as a way to say things I felt I couldn't say otherwise, but then it's putting my feelings out there...and making vulnerable to other's opinons, you know, if you blog about your family or anything negative, all you get back in response is negativity.

Now I am blogging to get my little botique off the ground and to connect with other moms. I am a stay at home mom and have a lot going on...blogging and connecting, as well as crafting help me keep my sanity sometimes. I guess it's me time when I can't get out and have it.

I love my husband and son, and don't want to go back to work full time right now, so this is a good way to "work" and connect whle at home.
I wanted to encourage people after hearing such negative news.
....Because I cannot afford therapy and my friends are surely tired of listening to me~ The Blogosphere is my final frontier!
I love to read what other people have to say and I like to tell people about my online business.



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