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I started my blogging about six weeks ago. My blog name is "Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent." The URL is http://parentingconfessions.com.

My goal is to humorously share my mistakes and struggles and the insights God teaches me through them.

I'd love your feedback on how I can make my blog of more value to parents and particularly some ideas for making it more interactive ... perhaps some meme ideas???

Thank you!

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Your blog is adorable! I just became a follower! :) I can't believe you only started that 6 weeks ago?! That's impressive!

I don't really have any meme ideas, but maybe to make it more interactive you could just ask questions at the end of each post. That encourages people to leave comments. And I saw that you did that on your last post, so I think you're doing great! Just keep doing what you're doing and your readers will continue to grow!
Thanks for the kind and encouraging feedback, Samantha! I visited "Mama Notes" and loved it, too! ;0) The little handprints in your header are so cute! I saw where you were looking for moms to interview on your blog ... I would love to do that! I will send you an email. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and give me your opinion. I really appreciate it!
I think your blog is really stylish- the design is great.
My only critique (& I hate to put it that way?) is that your content seems critical of yourself at times. Lighten up on yourself a bit & have fun. Good luck with your blog!
Thanks for taking the time to visit and assess my blog! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you liked the design. My blog designer did a great job of giving me exactly the look and feel I was after.

And I will think about what you said about being too self-critical. Since the theme is "Confessions of an Imperfect Parent" I try to share my humanness and weaknesses openly, but also find the humor in them. I'm also hoping show how I'm learning from my mistakes and how God is teaching me through them. But it can be a fine line.

I never want to be "woe is me" because I don't feel that at all. Just the opposite. I'm actually learning to embrace those things, learn from them and feel free from being perfect! I appreciate your feedback. I'll be even more conscious of keeping it light. Thanks! ;0)
hmmm I hate to disagree, but I don't feel this way at all about Melinda's blog at all! I LOVE hearing PERSONAL stories about others & especially mommies..I am trying to share the same thing, myself.
I think it looks great too! I read somewhere that polls encourage people to interact more with your site. I just tried my first one with Poll Daddy, so I don't know how well it's work yet. :) Something else you could do is invite visitors to share short little blurbs about their own experiences and you could feature those as guest posts or something. I am thinking of something along the lines of www secretspinelesswhine com but parent-focused.

One suggestion I would have, since your posts seem like they tend to be long with lots of conversational dialog, is to maybe try indenting the dialog lines, or maybe italic or some other way to break up the long line of left-justified paragraphs. That might make it a little easier for visitors to scan/read the posts.
I love it honey! very well put together, I too am now following it!
where did My other comment go? LOL anyway I am now your follower & I love your blog & I was disagreeing (with no offense) to coconutty.
Thanks so much Gyspy Fox ... As soon as I leave here, I'm hopping on over to visit your blog. I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement! ;0)


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