I'd love Feature You & Check Your Blog And If your a New Blogger or Blog About Parenting & Blogging Let Me Know

Starting after the New Year I'm going to add some guest bloggers and more featured bloggers.

There are so many great blogs and I feel like I'm missing out on some super amazing moms. So if you have a cool blog about parenting or blogging, let me know so I can visit or feature you on my blog.

And for those of you who commented on my last article "7 tips for intimacy in marriage after kids"  in Parent Society thanks so much it was featured on the front page!  This is my newest: ( they are ongoing now)  FYI I didn't choose the title I was going to call it something else but editors choice- I hope you like it.

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I would love to guest blog, if you are still looking for someone! 
I blog over at t.e. and baby which is my "mommy blog"...I blog about life as a mom, and post ridiculously cute pictures of my daughter (hah!). 
I also blog on Oops! I Craft My Pants, which is a craft blog where I do a bunch of different crafts (including crafts for babies). 

Thank you guys so much for the great response I'm starting my series of guest bloggers in a week or so - I'm focusing on my interview this Thursday first. I will get in touch with you all soon.-I appreciate you all.

I just visited your page I loooove that picture of you two it's super cute!  I will check it out- 

Christina Shoemaker said:

Hi Lisa,

I'm a fairly new blogger and I love it!  I write mostly about my experiences as a mom to a 15 month old boy... he's hilarious and keeps me in stitches!  Check it out.  Looking forward to reading your blog as well!


Thanks Marie!

Marie Roker-Jones said:

Hi Lisa,

I blog about raising boys.

Thank you all so much I will get to each of you my mom is visiting from out of town- I just finished taping for my Yahoo Finance filming ( they flew to Vegas) and ....well it doesn't matter LOL lots of things going on.

But I truly appreciate your response and I will get around to getting back with you soon!


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