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I am *so* excited!

I tried sharing with my husband but he just doesn't "get" blogging.

My blog, Mommy's Memorandum, and I were featured on Murray Newlands site as an "interview".

did I mention I am excited?! LOL


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Very cool!! Congrats! I also do an interview feature on my blog called Supahstah Saturday! You are welcome to sign up to be interviewed there as well! LOL

Thanks for the feature. Supahstah Saturday was a fun time. You're great to wrok with and I hope others take advantage of this opportunity.
Thanks Julee!! You did do an awesome job, and I do have several others that signed up after seeing your interview. Like you are the "original" Supahstah! LOL
LOL! finally... evidence that Im a leader and not a follower!
I can't wait to see the "others"!
You did an awesome job too Julee! Thanks for doing the interview and congrats on the comments too.
Thanks, Connie!
I am still excited about my moment on Murray Newlands. I keep sharing it with everyone! You did a great job writing it up...I appreciate you!


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