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Is A Nanny Better Than Daycare?

If you seek answers to this question from only parenting forums or even family, the answers and feedback you receive will leave you more confused than you were before you asked the question. But the truth is that choosing between a nanny and a daycare doesn’t have to be that confusing. All you need is an understanding…

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Blogging is all about relationship building. We build relationships through writing, reading and most importantly commenting.  Over the summer I failed to comment regularly on my favorite blogs. I wasn't a very good blogging bud. My kids, our vacation out west, and moving to a new home consumed my time. I updated my professional blog every day, but the place where I am more intimate with my readers, the place where I network and connect with other bloggers, my personal blog, was neglegted.  But now that my kids are in school and I have more time I have promised to read and comment more often.

To make this easier I am going to include an ongoing linky at the bottom of every post on my personal blog. I use InLinkz and have turned on e mail notifications for new links. I learned that I read and comment on other blogs a lot faster if I have that link to a blog post right in my e mail.  

I'm calling it "For the Love of Comments," ongoing comment linky. If you love comments as much as I do, or just want me to visit your blog, please read the latest update on the Talbert Zoo.

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What a great idea and I love it! This is my second go round with a blog and I am determined that this time I will become part of a tribe because that's so important. I added my link, thanks again!


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