Blogging is all about relationship building. We build relationships through writing, reading and most importantly commenting.  Over the summer I failed to comment regularly on my favorite blogs. I wasn't a very good blogging bud. My kids, our vacation out west, and moving to a new home consumed my time. I updated my professional blog every day, but the place where I am more intimate with my readers, the place where I network and connect with other bloggers, my personal blog, was neglegted.  But now that my kids are in school and I have more time I have promised to read and comment more often.

To make this easier I am going to include an ongoing linky at the bottom of every post on my personal blog. I use InLinkz and have turned on e mail notifications for new links. I learned that I read and comment on other blogs a lot faster if I have that link to a blog post right in my e mail.  

I'm calling it "For the Love of Comments," ongoing comment linky. If you love comments as much as I do, or just want me to visit your blog, please read the latest update on the Talbert Zoo.

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What a great idea and I love it! This is my second go round with a blog and I am determined that this time I will become part of a tribe because that's so important. I added my link, thanks again!



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